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Minion Coupons in L2 Store™

Minion Coupons

Minion Coupons are vouchers which can be exchanged for a special whistle at a Dimensional Merchant. With this special whistle, players can summon a minion to their aid. Minions provide buffs, and fight alongside their masters in combat.

With a loyal minion at their side, players can defeat more challenging foes, and advance faster on the Path to Awakening.

Fighting Together with Minions

Minions are a heck of a lot of fun, fighting alongside their masters while providing combat buffs. There are a few different types of minions, and some are better suited to particular classes. Players can read a brief description of a minion’s function, and exchange their Minion Coupon for a whistle at a Dimensional Merchant.

Dimensional Merchants can be found in towns throughout Aden. To exchange a Minion Coupon for a whistle, interact with the Dimensional Merchant and select Exchange a Minion Coupon for a Minion pet. Select a minion, and the minion’s whistle is placed in the player’s inventory.

To summon a minion, right-click on the minion’s whistle from the inventory. Most minions provide their masters with several short duration buffs, which the minion will refresh when out of combat.

Purchasing Minion Coupons in L2 Store

L2StoreIcon.jpgPurchasing Minion Coupons from the L2 Store is a cinch! To access the store, click on the L2 Store icon in the Lineage II client. In the L2 Store, navigate to the Others tab to find Minion Coupons.

For assistance with the L2 Store or purchasing NCoin, please click How to use L2 Store or How to Buy NCoin.


At the current time, Superior Minion Coupons are available on the L2 Store, and are purchasable in packs of 1 or 2. Superior Minion Coupons can be exchanged for the following minion whistles:

Toy Knight Summon Whistle (Superior Minion Coupon 80 NCoin)

The Toy Knight rushes into the fray at its master’s side, smiting foes with a blessed blade and providing fighter buffs and heals.

Spirit Shaman Summon Whistle (Superior Minion Coupon 80 NCoin)

The Spirit Shaman floats at its master’s side, attacking foes with powerful magic and providing mystic buffs and heals.

Turtle Ascetic Summon Whistle (Superior Minion Coupon 80 NCoin)

The Turtle Ascetic marches into battle at its master’s side, providing a mix of fighter and defensive buffs, heals, and recharging magic power.

Confront Aden’s most fearsome foes with a loyal minion!

Purchase a Minion Coupon from the L2 Store!

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