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Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag


Freya’s Shopping Bags have returned to the L2 Store for a limited time! Unwrap the Shopping Bags for your chance at powerful boosts, or gift boxes containing rare and powerful items. Shopping Bags are available for purchase until maintenance on July 18, so be sure to pick yours up while they’re available!


L2 Store Items

When opened, each Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag provides 1x Freya's Art of Seduction, 2x Freya's Recovery Potion, and 1x Freya's Frozen Scroll.There is also a chance to obtain 1x Freya's, Sirra's, or Snowman's Special Card.

Product Name Item Name Qty NCoin Price Level
Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag x1 freyas-deluxe-shopping-bag-icon.png Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag 1 40 85+
Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag x20 freyas-deluxe-shopping-bag-icon.png Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag 20 720 85+
Hero Coin.png Hero Coin 10
Ultimate Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag x250 freyas-deluxe-shopping-bag-icon.png Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag 250 6,400 85+
Hero Coin.png Hero Coin 125

These bundles are availalbe on the L2 Store from June 20 until July 18, 2018.



When Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag is opened you will receive each of the following rewards every time.

Item Name Qty Tradable
freyas-frozen-scroll-icon.png Freya's Frozen Scroll 1 Yes
freyas-recovery-potion-icon.png Freya's Recovery Potion 2 Yes
freyas-art-of-seduction-icon.png Freya's Art of Seduction-EXP 1 Yes

Additionally, there is a chance to receive one (1) of the three (3) cards below.

Item Name Qty Tradable
freya-special-card-icon.png Freya's Special Card 1 Yes
sirra-special-card-icon.png Sirra's Special Card 1 Yes
snowman-special-card-icon.png Snowman's Special Card 1 Yes

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Freya's Special Card

Item Name
freya-special-card-1.png Antharas Shaper - Fragment
freya-special-card-2.png Antharas Slasher - Fragment
freya-special-card-3.png Antharas Thrower - Fragment
freya-special-card-4.png Antharas Buster - Fragment
freya-special-card-5.png Antharas Cutter - Fragment
freya-special-card-6.png Antharas Stormer - Fragment
freya-special-card-7.png Antharas Fighter - Fragment
freya-special-card-8.png Antharas Avenger - Fragment
freya-special-card-9.png Antharas Dual Blunt Weapon - Fragment
freya-special-card-10.png Antharas Dualsword - Fragment
freya-special-card-11.png Valakas Shaper - Fragment
freya-special-card-12.png Valakas Cutter - Fragment
freya-special-card-13.png Valakas Slasher - Fragment
freya-special-card-14.png Valakas Thrower - Fragment
freya-special-card-15.png Valakas Buster - Fragment
freya-special-card-16.png Valakas Caster - Fragment
freya-special-card-17.png Valakas Retributer - Fragment
freya-special-card-18.png Lindvior Shaper - Fragment
freya-special-card-19.png Lindvior Thrower - Fragment
freya-special-card-20.png Lindvior Slasher - Fragment
freya-special-card-21.png Lindvior Caster - Fragment
freya-special-card-22.png Lindvior Cutter - Fragment
freya-special-card-23.png Lindvior Shooter - Fragment
freya-special-card-24.png Lindvior Dual Dagger - Fragment
freya-special-card-25.png Bottle of Antharas' Soul
freya-special-card-26.png Bottle of Valakas' Soul
freya-special-card-27.png Bottle of Baium's Soul
freya-special-card-28.png Bottle of Frintezza's Soul
freya-special-card-29.png Lindvior's Earring
freya-special-card-30.png Blessed Antharas' Earring
freya-special-card-31.png Blessed Valakas' Necklace
freya-special-card-32.png Earth Wyrm Heart Ring
freya-special-card-33.png Tauti's Ring
freya-special-card-34.png Baium's Soul Ring
freya-special-card-35.png Queen Ant's Soul Ring
freya-special-card-36.png Ruler's Authority
freya-special-card-37.png Ekimus' Belt
freya-special-card-38.png Tiat's Belt
freya-special-card-39.png Sealed Talisman - Insanity
freya-special-card-40.png Sealed Talisman - Longing
freya-special-card-41.png Talisman - Seven Signs
freya-special-card-42.png Seven Signs' Energy
freya-special-card-43.png Talisman - Anakim
freya-special-card-44.png Talisman - Lilith
freya-special-card-45.png Kain's Soul Crystal - Stage 8
freya-special-card-46.png Leona's Soul Crystal - Stage 8
freya-special-card-47.png Mermoden's Soul Crystal - Stage 8
freya-special-card-48.png Lionel's Soul Crystal - Stage 8
freya-special-card-49.png Pantheon's Soul Crystal - Stage 8

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Sirra's Special Card

Item Name
sirra-special-card-1.png Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone
sirra-special-card-3.png Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone Fragment
sirra-special-card-4.png Bloody Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
sirra-special-card-5.png Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone
sirra-special-card-6.png Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone Fragment
sirra-special-card-7.png Amaranthine Weapon Crafting Pack
sirra-special-card-8.png Eternal Armor Crafting Pack
sirra-special-card-9.png Kain's Soul Crystal - Stage 7
sirra-special-card-10.png Leona's Soul Crystal - Stage 7
sirra-special-card-11.png Mermoden's Soul Crystal - Stage 7
sirra-special-card-12.png Lionel's Soul Crystal - Stage 7
sirra-special-card-13.png Pantheon's Soul Crystal - Stage 7
sirra-special-card-14.png Ring of Creation
sirra-special-card-15.png Mystic Soul Crystal
sirra-special-card-16.png Mystic Soul Crystal Fragment
sirra-special-card-17.png Insane Kelbim's Fragment
sirra-special-card-18.png Frenzied Tauti's Fragment
sirra-special-card-19.png Freya's Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-grade)
sirra-special-card-20.png Freya's Lucky Enchant Stone: Armor (R-grade)
sirra-special-card-21.png Blessed Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-grade)
sirra-special-card-22.png Blessed Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: Armor (R-grade)
sirra-special-card-23.png Blessed High-grade Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-grade)
sirra-special-card-24.png Blessed High-grade Lucky Enchant Stone: Armor (R-grade)
sirra-special-card-25.png Giant's Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)
sirra-special-card-26.png Giant's Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade)
sirra-special-card-27.png Lv. 5 Legendary CHA Dye Pack
sirra-special-card-28.png Lv. 5 Legendary LUC Dye Pack
Top-grade Spirit Stone
sirra-special-card-30.png High-grade Spirit Stone
Hair Accessory Spirit Stone
sirra-special-card-32.png Freya's Bloody Rune (2 hours) Box
sirra-special-card-33.png Freya's Kindness
sirra-special-card-34.png Elcyum Powder x10

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Snowman's Special Card

Item Name
snowman-special-card-1.png Royal Purple Save Ticket (R99)
snowman-special-card-2.png Royal Purple Save Ticket (R95)
snowman-special-card-3.png Royal Purple Save Ticket (R)
snowman-special-card-4.png Royal White Save Ticket (R99)
snowman-special-card-5.png Royal White Save Ticket (R95)
snowman-special-card-6.png Royal White Save Ticket (R)
snowman-special-card-7.png Royal Red Save Card (R99-grade)
snowman-special-card-8.png Royal Red Save Card (R95-grade)
snowman-special-card-9.png Royal Red Save Card (R-grade)
snowman-special-card-10.png Royal Blue Save Card (R99-grade)
snowman-special-card-11.png Royal Blue Save Card (R95-grade)
snowman-special-card-12.png Royal Blue Save Card (R-grade)
snowman-special-card-13.png Destruction Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)
snowman-special-card-14.png Destruction Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade)
snowman-special-card-15.png Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)
snowman-special-card-16.png Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade)
snowman-special-card-17.png Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)
snowman-special-card-18.png Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade)
snowman-special-card-19.png Life Stone Instilled with Giants' Power
snowman-special-card-20.png Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery Chapter 1
Superior Giant's Codex - Discipline Chapter 1
snowman-special-card-22.png Superior Giant's Codex Chapter 1
snowman-special-card-23.png Leona's Soul Crystal - Stage 6
snowman-special-card-24.png Kain's Soul Crystal - Stage 6
snowman-special-card-25.png Mermoden's Soul Crystal - Stage 6
snowman-special-card-26.png Lionel's Soul Crystal - Stage 6
snowman-special-card-27.png Pantheon's Soul Crystal - Stage 6
snowman-special-card-28.png Source of the Emperor
snowman-special-card-29.png Kaliel's Energy (Longing)
snowman-special-card-30.png Rune Stone
snowman-special-card-31.png Giant's Energy 100-unit Pack
snowman-special-card-32.png Giant's Energy 20-unit Pack
snowman-special-card-33.png Giant's Energy 3-unit Pack
snowman-special-card-34.png Energy of Destruction 100-unit Pack
snowman-special-card-35.png Energy of Destruction 20-unit Pack
snowman-special-card-36.png Gemstone (R-grade) x4
snowman-special-card-37.png Wind Vitality Tonic
snowman-special-card-38.png Freya's Charisma Potion - Cat Transformation
snowman-special-card-39.png Freya's Charisma Potion - Panda Transformation
snowman-special-card-40.png Freya's Art of Seduction - EXP
snowman-special-card-41.png Freya's Art of Seduction - Barrier
snowman-special-card-42.png Freya's Vital Rune (30 minutes) Box
snowman-special-card-43.png Freya's Scroll of Storm
snowman-special-card-44.png Secret Embryo Bait Coupon x100

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