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The L2 Store is being updated with several items to help you on your journey in Lineage II: Salvation - Etina's Fate. Unless otherwise noted below, all sales will begin on August 22 and end on September 26, 2018. Be sure to take advantage of these massive discounts while the offers are available!

In addition, during this sale there's an Attendance Event and Dance Cat Revolution. Learn more about how to take full advantage of these bonuses and boosts.


L2 Store Update

Product Name Item Name Qty Price (NCoin) Discount Description Tradable Sales Dates
Energy Drink Pack (x50) Store Update Aug 2018 1.jpg Energy Drink Pack 50 2,000 50% Each Pack contains 3 random Energy Drinks. Energy Drinks boost one of your stats by 10 for 30 minutes. Cannot be used in Olympiad. Yes 8/22–9/26
Store Update Aug 2018 6.png Hero Coin 25
Valiant Scroll (x25) Store Update Aug 2018 2.png Valiant Scroll 25 1,750 65%
For 30 minutes P. Atk. +10%, M. Atk. +21%, P. Def. +15%, M. Def. +15%, Max HP/MP/CP +15%. Does not disappear upon death. Cannot be used in the Olympiad or Ceremony of Chaos.
Yes 8/22–9/26
Store Update Aug 2018 6.png Hero Coin 22
Vitality Maintaining Potion Pack (x10) Store Update Aug 2018 3.png Vitality Maintaining Potion (1-hour) 10 800 50% Maintains Vitality for 1 hour. No 8/22–9/26
Store Update Aug 2018 6.png Hero Coin 10
Cat Plushie Appearance Stone Store Update Aug 2018 4.png Cat Plushie Appearance Stone 1 800 n/a

Appearance Stone which changes the appearance of all your armor to a cat plushie. Can be used on top or one-piece dress. Armor can be changed back to its original form using a Scroll: Restore Equipment.

See appearances by race & gender below

Yes Always
Store Update Aug 2018 6.png Hero Coin 10
Dual Expertise Rune Pack (R99-grade) (30-day) Store Update Aug 2018 5.png Dual Expertise Rune Pack (R99-grade) 1 1,000 75% While possessed, allows you to equip R99-grade items without penalties. 30-day. No 8/22–9/26
Store Update Aug 2018 6.png Hero Coin 13

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Player Appreciation Pack

We've also put together a Player Appreciation Pack to mark the arrival of Etina's Fate! Be sure to claim your free items from the L2 Galleria during the promotion period.


  • August 22 through September 26


  • Limit 1 per Account
  • All items non-tradable
  • Cow Agathion Charm requires Zodiac or Seed Agathion Bracelet to equip

August 2018 Player Appreciation Pack

FREE on the L2 Galleria Item Name Qty
Appreciation Pack Aug 2017.jpg Erupting Vitality Potion (1-hr) 20
Emperor Shunaiman Weapon Set (30-day) 1
GM Buff Scroll (Tank) (1-hr) 20
GM Buff Scroll (Warrior) (1-hr) 20
GM Buff Scroll (Wizard) (1-hr) 20
Cow Agathion Charm (Permanent) 1
Rune of Bountiful Growth (30-day) Pack 1
SP Rune 100% (30-day) Pack 1
Mysterious No-Grade Soulshot 200,000
Mysterious No-Grade Blessed Spiritshot 200,000

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Cat Plushie Appearance Stone

Dark Elf
Dark Elf Male.jpg Dark Elf Female.jpg
Male Female


Dwarf Male.jpg Dwarf Female.jpg
Male Female


Elf Male.jpg Elf Female.jpg
Male Female


Ertheia Female.jpg


Human Male.jpg Human Female.jpg
Male Female


Kamael Male.jpg Kamael Female.jpg
Male Female


Orc Male.jpg Orc Female.jpg
Male Female

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