Store Promos

  • Weekend Flash Sale! July 8-11

    Weekend Flash Sale! July 8-11

    Taking on Helios and his legion of merciless giants requires powerful tools in your arsenal. This weekend only you can supply yourself with items that'll help you take the fight to your foes on Dreadnaught Superion—and all across Aden—by... Read >

  • The Abundance Talisman Returns

    The Abundance Talisman Returns

    Defeating powerful monsters requires powerful items, and the Abundance Talisman is a returning item—now with updated rewards—that can help give you the edge. These mystical artifacts are already enchanted, but players will need to upgrade and craft if they... Read >

  • May Store Update

    May Store Update

    War has ravaged the world of Aden for eons. Each brought with it new champions and new balances of power across the kingdoms. Become a legend of this age with the returning Blue Dynasty Outfit Bundle, which includes a... Read >

  • 12th Anniversary Sale

    12th Anniversary Sale

    Lineage II is celebrating twelve years and to thank our players for helping us get here, we're offering special Veteran's Packs for 1 Adena each.  Whether you've been with us for one year or  twelve, there's something for everyone... Read >

  • White Assassin Outfit Now Available!

    White Assassin Outfit Now Available!

    Now permanently on the Lineage II store, the White Assassin outfit (1200 NCoin) is here to make your character look just as deadly as they really are.      Visit the Lineage II store now to pick up this... Read >

  • Valentine's Day Store Update - February 2016

    Valentine's Day Store Update - February 2016

    Brooch Items | Power of Love Items | Permanent L2 Store Additions The L2 Store update for February 10th brings back the La Vie en Rose brooches!  They're here for a limited time, as are the Power of Love... Read >

  • New Radiant Brooch

    New Radiant Brooch

    What is a Brooch? | What is a Jewel? | How to Get a Jewel | Jewel Compounding | Types of Jewels The much anticipated La Vie en Rose Brooches have returned...for a limited time!  As powerful as they are beautiful, these are no mere trinkets. Completely customizable... Read >

  • Freya's Wish Stick

    Freya's Wish Stick

      Freya's Wish Stick, Available December 9th, 2015 to January 13th, 2016 NCoin Freya's Wish Stick (x1) -Double-click to obtain the items from the wish stick  (noted below).  40 Freya's Wish Stick (x10) - Double-click to obtain the items from the... Read >

  • Black Friday Sale

    Black Friday Sale

    This Black Friday, get yourself moving with some great deals on mounts! For one day only, on Black Friday, November 27th we're adding mounts, soulstones, and potion pack bundles at deep discounts.  Item NCoin Darkmane Pacer Mount 1 Gold Maned... Read >

  • New Hero Packs

    New Hero Packs

    Three brand new item packs are available with some powerful and exciting items to help on your adventures. Along with the  Noble, Divine, and Ultimate Packs many items are receiving price reductions. Equip yourself today!   Noble Pack -... Read >