Store Promos

  • Boost Your Stats With New Artifacts of Power

    Boost Your Stats With New Artifacts of Power

    Store Items | Artifact Books | Giran Luxury Shop | Artifact Box Rewards | New Angel's Jewelry Ancient ruins were recently uncovered, leading to the proliferation of mysterious artifact boxes that can now be found in the L2 Store. It’s been determined that the potential discovery of... Read >

  • Etina's Fate Store Update

    Etina's Fate Store Update

    Store Update | FREE Player Appreciation Pack | Cat Plushie Appearances   The L2 Store is being updated with several items to help you on your journey in Lineage II: Salvation - Etina's Fate. Unless otherwise noted below, all sales will begin on... Read >

  • Ancient Kingdom Cloaks Return

    Ancient Kingdom Cloaks Return

    Item Information | Sale Information | Hero Coin Limited Bonus Items Ancient Kingdom Cloaks are returning to the L2 Store July 25 to August 22, 2018! Choose the type of cloak that best suits you and enchant it to... Read >

  • Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag

    Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag

    Freya’s Shopping Bags have returned to the L2 Store for a limited time! Unwrap the Shopping Bags for your chance at powerful boosts, or gift boxes containing rare and powerful items. Shopping Bags are available for purchase until maintenance on... Read >

  • La Vie En Rose's Glorious Brooches are Here!

    La Vie En Rose's Glorious Brooches are Here!

    Jewelry Boxes | Ultimate Jewelry Box | Brooches | Glorious Brooch Stats | Augment Fee | Normal Augment Options | Rare Augment Options La Vie en Rose's Brooches have returned for a limited time! As powerful as they are beautiful, these are no mere trinkets. Completely customizable by their wearer, the... Read >

  • Heine Fishing Expedition Returns!

    Heine Fishing Expedition Returns!

    L2 Store | New Blessings | About the Expedition | Fishing Rewards | EXP Rewards | Reward Boxes   The Spoils of War: Fortune in the Water The forces of Embryo continue their attack to devastating ends on the Keucereus Alliance Base. With the allied forces of Aden occupied... Read >

  • Flash Sale! March 16-19

    Flash Sale! March 16-19

    Greetings, adventurers! Brooches and Jewels are back for a limited time! Grab up these hot items this weekend only. Sale items are available Friday, March 16 through Monday, March 19.   La Vie en Rose's Brooches Bundle Name Item... Read >

  • Circlets of Power Are Here!

    Circlets of Power Are Here!

    Upgrading a Circlet | New Item Descriptions | Circlet Stats | Augmenting a Circlet Items of incredible power have made their way to the marketplace of Aden. Adventurers can now choose from a selection of circlets, each offering a multitude of stat bonuses. The circlets... Read >

  • Winter Holiday Sale & Ancient Kingdom Cloaks

    Winter Holiday Sale & Ancient Kingdom Cloaks

    The winter season is here and get festive with the Rudolph Agathion, Santa Appearance, and more. Ancient Kingdom Cloaks also makes it grand return to the L2 Store. All items are available for a limited time.   Ancient Cloaks... Read >

  • Black Friday Sales Now Live

    Black Friday Sales Now Live

    Black Friday is here and so are our sales! From now through 10am PST, November 28, pickup discounted bundles created specifically for this weekend. All Black Friday sale items can be purchased from the L2 Store.   La Vie... Read >