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Since the launch of Goddess of Destruction, the awesome folks at Massively have been detailing and live streaming their adventures in Lineage II. Jeremy Stratton has written an ongoing piece entitled "Choose My Adventure." In every article, readers have the opportunity to vote for what direction his character will take next. As the article series continues, vote and help Jeremy choose his next adventure!

Soon after the November 30, 2011 launch, Jeremy wrote about his experience completing the first class transfer and a few weeks later he continued further on the Path to Awakening. This week, Jeremy has made it to level 45 and decided to explore some of the beautiful areas in the world of Lineage II. Massively continued its coverage of Jeremy Stratton's experience in Lineage II over the holidays, and has also added a new article to the series that is a testimonial of his impressions as a Western newcomer to Lineage II!


  • Choose My Adventure - November 30, 2011. With all the new games coming out, Jeremy asked readers to vote on which one he should invest himself in for this article series.
  • Lineage II by a Landslide - December 7, 2011. While Jeremy covers Lineage II going Truly Free, readers vote on what character class and race he should play.
  • A Male Dark Elf Fighter in Aden - December 14, 2011. Jeremy's in-game journey begins while readers vote on his next steps.
  • Exploration Week - December 21, 2011. Jeremy discovers one of Lineage II's greatest charms: exploring the vast and beautiful world of Aden! Meanwhile, readers continue to vote on his future.
  • Post-Christmas Update - December 28, 2011. Following the votes in previous articles, Jeremy discovers the benefits of the Path to Awakening.
  • How Lineage II Feels to a Western Newcomer - January 3, 2012. Entering the final stage of Jeremy's intensive visit to Lineage II, his questions to readers this week include:
    • Focus on PvE or PvP build?
    • Once more, stay on the course, on Path to Awakening?
    • Suffer the penalties and PK someone anyway?
    • Should I bother with a mentor, post level 50?
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