Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 25, 2017


All game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 5:00am PST / 7:00am CST / 8:00am EST / 1300 GMT and ending at approximately 7:25am PST / 9:25am CST / 10:25pm EST / 1525 GMT. Estimated downtime is 2 hours 25 minutes.

With this maintenance:

  • La Vie En Roses's Brooches and Jewels will return for a limited time, and additional features and changes are being added for this Store Update.
    • Ultimate Jewelry Box and Brooches for sale from 01/25/17–02/22/17 on the L2 Store.
    • Two new Jewels are available for the first time, Blue and Red Cat’s Eye.
      • Red Cat's Eye: Increases P.Critical Damage and P. Skill Critical Damage.
      • Blue Cat's Eye: Increases M. Skill Critical Damage.
    • Level-5 Jewels can be combined at a 100% rate into a Greater Jewel.
    • New Passive Skills are available when equipping Greater Jewels, with the effects improving for additional equipped Greater Jewels.
    • New exchange options have been added to Shadai in the Town of Heine:
      • Older brooch upgrade options have been added.
      • You can now repackage Lv. 3 and Lv. 4 Jewels.
      • An exchange for  Lv. 1 Jewelry Boxes directly to Lv. 3 or Lv. 4 Jewelry Boxes has been added.
      • An exchange for the 5-slot Radiant Brooch to 6-slot Elegant Brooch has been added.
  • The following changes and bug fixes will be applied.
    • When right clicking the chat window to report spammers, all Menu options have been removed except Chat Violation reports.
    • Changed buff message timing to occur after the server registers that the skill has been activated. Previously during high latency, certain effects to block damage or effects would display as having been activated before the server registered the skill.
    • Changed the Cargo Warehouse to assume the target has 200 Warehouse slots. Please see addition notes below:
      • Cargo and Private Warehouse capacity are still linked—a maximum of 200 total items can shared between each location.
      • An example: For default storage space (100 items), if 99 items are sent in Cargo, that leaves only 1 slot for Private Storage.
      • If Private Warehouse limit seems to be too low, first check that there are not too many items waiting to be collected from Cargo Storage.
    • Fixed a texture/wall issue around Gainak Village.
  • Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed.

If you have any questions about the changes taking place during tomorrow's maintenance, please feel free to post them on the Lineage II forum. We also encourage you to follow @L2andAionOps for maintenance and server status updates.

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