Aden Feels the Power of Love!


Event Duration

February 7 to March 7, 2018

Main Event Period: Love Potions drop from monters. Coco Brownie NPC is in town to give out buff items.

Event Server Settings:

  • Vitality rate increased by 300%
  • No Augment Removal Fee
  • Teleports are free for all levels

March 7, 2018: Coco Brownie leaves the game, Love Potions no longer drop, and event server settings are turned off.

The following event-related items will be deleted on March 7, 2018:

  • Chocolate Truffle
  • Candy Heart
  • Comfort Cookie
  • Coco’s Transformation Chocolate
  • Coco’s Friend Summon Chocolate
  • Coco’s Transformation Candy
  • Coco’s Friend Summon Candy
  • Coco’s Transformation Cookie
  • Coco’s Friend Summon Cookie


Event Process

Love Potion

Love Potions drop from monsters you hunt. The Love Potions double P. Atk./M. Atk./Attack Speed/Casting Speed for 2 minutes for everyone in your party and changes the appearance of your weapons. The Love Potion buff instantly activates upon pickup from defeated monsters. The effect of the Love Potion disappears when you restart the game.

Coco Brownie (Event NPC)

  • Talk to Coco Brownie in any town to receive special Valentine’s Day buff items.  
  • You can choose Chocolate Truffle, Candy Heart, or Comfort Cookie
  • Each one slowly replenishes your Vitality in peace zones and also has its own special power.
  • You can only claim one type of buff item from Coco Brownie. Each buff lasts 2 hours, but there is no limit on usage.
  • To receive a different type of buff from the NPC, delete your existing buff items in your inventory and choose again.
  • If 3 people in a party with each item gather around and use their buff items, they can receive all of the effects.
  • Example: Character A consumes the Chocolate Truffle, Character B consumes the Candy Heart, and Character C consumes the Comfort Cookie.
  • All three buffs will appear on the status bar of everyone in the party.

Event Items and Skills

Chocolate Truffle: Vitality is slowly replenished while in a peace zone. Double to apply Decadence buff.

Decadence: For 1 hour, grants STR +2, INT +2, and Attribute Resistance +20.


Candy Heart: Vitality is slowly replenished while in a peace zone. Double to apply Sugar Rush buff.

Sugar Rush: For 1 hour, grants STR +2, INT +2, DEX +2, and WIT +2.


Comfort Cookie: Vitality is slowly replenished while in a peace zone. Double to apply Forever Alone buff.

Forever Alone: For 1 hour, grants STR +2, INT +2, CON +2, and MEN +2.




Coco’s Transformation Items (Chocolate, Candy, Cookie):

Randomly transform your character into one of the following: Snow Man, Scarecrow Jack, Tin Golem, Makeshift Bat, Lady Tow, Angry Tow, or Sleepy Tow.

Appearance last for 60 minutes. Appearance can be removed by Alt + Left-Clicking the buff icon.

Coco’s Friend Summon Items (Chocolate, Candy, Cookie):

You can summon 1 party member once every 30 minutes.

Dancing Cats

Dancing Cats.png
Dancing Cats have returned to town during the event to show off their best dance moves. Speak with the Dancing Cats as a party leader of 3 or more party members for a special buff.

Dancing Cat Bonus Requirement Benefit
Dancing Cat's Step.png Dancing Cat's Step - Stage 1 3 party members of different races Increases basic stats by 1 for 2 hours
Dancing Cat's Step.png Dancing Cat's Step - Stage 2

3 party members of different races

7 total party members

Increases basic stats by 1
HP/MP/CP +13%
P. Atk, M. Atk +13%
Atk. Speed, Cast Speed +13%
P. Def, M. Def +13%
Vitality EXP Bonus +30% 


Weapon Apperance Buffs

You can talk to Coco Brownie to turn your weapon into something sweet for 5 minutes. The weapon appearance buff will also disappear when you log out.

Weapon Appearance Coupons
Valentine Weapon Appearance Coupons (30-day) are also available in the L2 Store for only 1 NCoin.
You trade this coupon in at the Adventurer's Guide, illustrated below, and the appearance effect will last for 30 days.

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