• Birth of Draco: Part III

    Birth of Draco: Part III

    Duration | Process | Rewards The event duration dates are as follows: January 14th to January 28th: Main event period. Event items drop from monsters. January 28th to February 4th: Event items no longer drop. Event NPC remains in-game. February 4th: The event NPC leaves the... Read >

  • Holidays in Aden

    Holidays in Aden

    Season's Greetings, adventurers!  Santa has delivered some great holiday cheer to Aden by helping us apply some server settings!  From extra rewards from Nightmare Kamaloka to Revelation Skill reset fee reductions, read up on the changes below!  These changes... Read >

  • The Hunt for Santa Begins!

    The Hunt for Santa Begins!

    Event Duration | Event Process Santa has gone missing!  The whole holiday season is in jeopardy of being ruined forever if he is not found in time! Noelle has been left to finish making preparations for the busy holiday... Read >

  • Dance Cat Revolution Returns!

    Dance Cat Revolution Returns!

    The Dancing Cats make their return to Aden!  These lovable cats love to dance and help out adventurers.  Read below for more details on when and where they'll be available!   November 12th to December 3rd, 2014: The main... Read >

  • Alien Invasion!

    Alien Invasion!

    Event Duration | Event Process | Event Rewards | Additional Info October 22, 2014 to November 5, 2014: Main event period. The L2B2 NPC is in town. Alien Researchers are invading level 85+ hunting zones!  Monster Research books will... Read >

  • Fall Crafting Festival Has Begun!

    Fall Crafting Festival Has Begun!

    The Fall Crafting Festival has returned! Fall has arrived and the Dwarves know no greater way of celebrating this time of year than by increasing the crafting of fine armaments for everyone! To celebrate the Fall Crafting Festival, the Dwarves... Read >

  • The Hungry Horse Event

    The Hungry Horse Event

    Event Duration | Event Process | Rewards   August 27 to September 10, 2014: The main event period!  The Galup NPC is in villages and level 85+ hunting zones.  Carrots will drop from monsters. September 10 to September 17,... Read >

  • 300% Vitality Boost Starting July 9th

    300% Vitality Boost Starting July 9th

    Event Details | Dates | L2 Store Push your character to the max with an increased vitality XP boost of 300% from July 9th to July 30th. Finally reach level 99 or level up that other alt you've been debating... Read >

  • The Fortune Teller Returns

    The Fortune Teller Returns

    Event Duration | Event Entry | Event Process | Rewards | Brooch Return Eve, the Crystal Seer has returned to reveal the fortune of Aden's adventurers. What does fortune have in store for you? New rewards have been added... Read >

  • The Legendary Card Event Returns

    The Legendary Card Event Returns

    Event Duration | Event Process | Rewards The Legendary Card Master Snake has returned to town after he lost his legendary cards again.  Help Snake find his collection of rare legendary cards to receive amazing rewards!   June 4... Read >