Power of Love Screenshot Contest Winners

You've captured your woos and affections in timeless fashion for all to see, and now the Power of Love Screenshot Contest winners have been chosen!

Everyone who submitted a qualifying entry will be receiving a Sweet Chocolate 1-hr Participation Prize. Thank you to everyone who shared your lovely images with us and congratulations to these winners!

Grand Prize Winner

Prize: 2 Billion Adena

1_GRAND PRIZE_arkueid_Chronos_thumb.jpg
 Arkueid - Chronos


Runner-Up Prize Winners

Prize: 500 Million Adena

Bessel_Naia_thumb.png BigBan_Freya_thumb.bmp
Bessel - Naia BigBan - Freya


Caspyal_Naia_thumb.bmp DominoD_Freya_thumb.bmp
Caspyal - Naia DominoD - Freya


JakyYashuki_Naia_thumb.png Sail0rMoon_Chronos_thumb.bmp
JakyYashuki - Naia Sail0rMoon - Chronos


Ventin_Chronos_thumb.jpg WLNTER_Chronos_thumb.bmp
Ventin - Chronos WLNTER - Chronos


Ylierg_Naia_thumb.png Zephid_Freya_thumb.bmp
Ylierg - Naia Zephid - Freya


All Prizes will be delivered to the provided character's account within one week.

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