13th Anniversary Adena Art Contest & Free Gifts!


Attention heroes!

Today marks a special occasion indeed—13 years ago adventurers were called upon to return to the lands of Aden, Elmore, and beyond, in a time set well before the events of the game that initiated the launch of the Lineage franchise. All these years later you, the players, have increasingly reached new heights of power and confronted countless grave threats, all the while forging lasting friendships and helping to establish a truly unique gamer community that reaches around the world. The entire Lineage II Team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this journey—we hope to continue it for years to come!

While we have plans of hosting an official in-game anniversary event at a later date this year, we’re commemorating this day with a couple of special offerings for you.


13th Anniversary Adena Art Contest

Put your artistic skills on display in a celebration of Lineage II’s birthday with the return of the Adena Art Contest! Place Adena and other items on the ground in-game to piece together an image that captures the spirit of Lineage II and what the game has meant to you over the years.

Please carefully review all of the information and rules for participation below! It’s never fun to disqualify an amazing content submission because the entrant didn’t follow properly follow instructions.


Event Duration

The 13th Anniversary Adena Art Contest will run from April 28 through May 10, 2017. Winners will be announced on May 15 and all prizes distributed by May 26.


Event Rules

Creating Your Adena Art

  • Artwork must be:
    • Formed solely with Adena and other in-game items
    • Themed around celebration of the anniversary—open to your artistic interpretation!
    • Fully visible in screenshot
  • Your character must be visible in the screenshot, with character name displayed and clearly legible above its head
    • Navigate to General Menu -> Options -> Screen Info -> Display and make sure “Player” is checked before taking screenshot
  • No Photoshop or any other image editing allowed
  • Recommended: Prior to taking screenshot please hide your UI (shortcut: Ctrl+H)

Submitting Your Adena Art

  • Entries must be received by email no later than 11:59pm PDT on May 10, 2017
  • One entry per person only
  • No previous entries allowed—screenshot/artwork must be original and created specifically for this contest
  • Email entries must include:
    • Subject line: “Lineage II 13th Anniversary Screenshot Contest
    • Statement in email body: “This email is submitted as an entry in the Lineage II 13th Anniversary Screenshot Contest.
    • Additional info in email body: Character’s name and Server, and your country of residence
    • Screenshot attachment: .jpg, .png, or .bmp file formats ONLY
  • Email entries to

Official Contest Rules

Any submission that does not meet the above requirements and all other terms of eligibility specified in the Official Contest Rules is subject to immediate disqualification.


Contest Prizes

All qualifying entrants will receive a Participation Prize Pack for entering in the 13th Anniversary Adena Art Contest! Remember, it’s extremely important that your entry meets all of the requirements of the Official Contest Rules and is eligible to be selected as a winner, otherwise you won’t even be eligible to receive the participation prize—and nobody wants that!

Participation Prize Pack
Name Qty
Scroll: Replenish Vitality 5
XP Rune III 200% (1-hour) 1

A total of 10 winners will be selected to receive prizes—1 Grand Prize Winner, 4 Runner-Up Prize Winners, and 5 Random Prize Winners.

Grand Prize Winner Pack
Name Qty
Adena Currency 5 Billion
Scroll: Replenish Vitality 20
XP Rune III 200% (1-hour) 10

Runner-Up & Random Prize Winner Pack
Name Qty
Adena Currency 1 Billion
Scroll: Replenish Vitality 10
XP Rune III 200% (1-hour) 5

The Grand Prize and Runner-Up Winners will be chosen by the Lineage II Team and judged based on artwork quality, creativity, and originality. After the first 5 winners have been chosen, the Random Prize Winners will be drawn completely at random from the remaining pool of qualifying entrants. Once all 10 prize winners have been determined, the remaining pool of qualifying participants will receive the Participation Prize Pack. In other words, no one can win more than once or will receive more than one prize pack.


Anniversary Gift Pack—Offer Has Ended

Claim your free Anniversary Gift Pack from the L2 Galleria before May 1! Here’s what you’ll receive in this little token of appreciation we’ve prepared for you:

Anniversary Gift Pack
Name Qty
Vitality Maintaining Potion 1-hour 10
XP Rune III 100% Pack 1-Hour 5
GM Buff Scroll (Tank) 10
GM Buff Scroll (Warrior) 10
GM Buff Scroll (Wizard) 10
FREE! Special Offer April 28–30

This offer has expired.


We look forward to seeing all of your Adena Art and sharing some of our favorites. Good luck and thank you again for doing your part to make this community so special over these past 13 years!



The Lineage II Team

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