Announcing the Adena Art Contest Winners!


You made creative use of the contents of your inventory to forge works of art across lands far and wide, and the winning displays have been chosen!

To commemorate Lineage II's 13th anniversary on April 28, 2017, we challenged you all to showcase your aesthetic talents by creating unique decorations with Adena and other in-game items—and we were truly impressed by many of the displays you constructed! After much deliberation among the Lineage II Team, we've chosen one Grand Prize winner and four runners up based on artwork quality, creativity, and originality. An additional five winners were selected completely at random in a drawing from the remaining pool of qualifying entries.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the winning submissions and the reward packs they'll receive!


Grand Prize Winner

MissMay – Freya



Congratulations MissMay! You have earned:

Grand Prize Winner Pack
Name Qty
Adena Currency 5 Billion
Scroll: Replenish Vitality 20
XP Rune III 200% (1-hour) 10


Runners Up

Trisstan – Freya



Mercal – Freya



Zrynah – Chronos



S0nya – Freya



Congratulations to our runners up! For making the judging process tough you'll each receive:

Runner-Up Prize Winner Pack
Name Qty
Adena Currency 1 Billion
Scroll: Replenish Vitality 10
XP Rune III 200% (1-hour) 5


Random Drawing Winners

Cyb3rDeLia – Freya



kickasss – Zaken



Sail0rMoon – Freya



Tuxed0mask – Freya



xWalkMan – Zaken



Congratulations to the rest of the winners! For your luck of the draw you'll each receive:

Random Prize Winner Pack
Name Qty
Adena Currency 1 Billion
Scroll: Replenish Vitality 10
XP Rune III 200% (1-hour) 5


Participation Prize

If you entered your own Adena artwork into the conest and weren't selected as a winner, we want to thank you for participating by offering a small token of our appreciation. Everyone who submitted a screenshot that met the requirements of the Official Contest Rules will receive:

Participation Prize Pack
Name Qty
Scroll: Replenish Vitality 5
XP Rune III 200% (1-hour) 1

All participants will be sent an email today to the address used for entering the Adena Art Contest to confirm whether or not you've qualified for the Participation Prize Pack. Within the next 24 hours all prizes will be granted in-game to the characters with which you entered the contest.


We thank you all once again for helping us celebrate the 13th anniversary of Lineage II! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info on the official anniversary in-game event and when it will be held.



The Lineage II Team

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