14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest


Attention heroes!

The time has come to put your passion for Lineage II into creative overdrive. We’re continuing the celebration of the game’s teenage years with the 14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest! All of Aden’s talented and innovative adventurers are called upon to forge fantastic works of art that represent your best Lineage II experiences.


14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest

We’re going big and reaching further for this contest by giving you three dimensions of creativity to choose from. We’ll accept original screenshots, artworks, and videos, and reward the winners of each category accordingly. If you’re a master of your craft, we encourage you to submit works in all three areas! Eternal Armor sets, Evolved Zodiac Agathions, and much more are up for grabs in this challenge.

Below is a quick overview of the design specifications for each category. Be sure to the read the Lineage II 14th Anniversary Media Contest Rules for a full breakdown of requirements.

Screenshot Design Requirements

Capture yourself creatively celebrating the 14th anniversary with friends in amazing locations, or whatever’s clever to you. Make sure your character with nameplate is clearly displayed in the image and email your submission to in .jpg, .bmp, or .png format.

Artwork Design Requirements

Bust out the pencils, chalk, paints, or illustration software to transform your character’s epic battle into a work of original art. We want to see an imaginative portrayal of your character locked in an epic struggle against your nemesis—another character, villainous boss, or creature. Once you’re finished, email us your submission to and sit back with pride as you await the results.

Video Design Requirements

Make yourself comfortable in the director’s chair and set out to make the best five-minute Lineage II movie ever. You can choose to do straight in-game footage, or take a more machinima or animation approach to tell a captivating story. Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube—or some other media site—email us the link to so that we can embark on the journey you’ve cleverly crafted.


Event Duration

The 14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest will run from April 25 through May 25, 2018. Winners in each category will be announced on June 1 and prizes will be distributed by June 15, 2018.


Contest Prizes

All qualifying entrants will be eligible to receive the below prizes. One Grand Prize Winner and five Runner-Up Prize Winners will be selected for each medium, totaling 18 prizes for the contest. And you’re welcome to submit one entry per category—screenshot, artwork, and video—for a chance to be selected as a multi-prize winner!


Grand Prize Winner (1)
1x +8 Bloody Eternal Armor Set

Runner-Up Prize Winners (5)
20x Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stones



Grand Prize Winner (1)
1x Evolved Stage 1 Zodiac Agathion of Choice

Runner-Up Prize Winners (5)
1x High-Grade Zodiac Agathion Box



Grand Prize Winner (1)
1x +10 Dark Armor Eternal Set
1x +12 Dark Amaranthine Weapon of Choice

Runner-Up Prize Winners (5)
1x Dark Amaranthine Stone
20x Dark Eternal Enhancement Stones


Don’t forget to read the Lineage II 14th Anniversary Media Contest Rules to ensure that you understand all of the requirements for entry.

The Lineage II team will carefully judge each qualifying entry in order to consider how to distribute prizes. We hope these rewards appropriately entice you. Now it’s time to get those creative juices flowing and flex your artistic muscle—let the 14th Anniversary Mega Contest commence!

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