Interview with the Dev Team

During April 2016 the dev team visited the NCSOFT West office to discuss upcoming development in Lineage II. We were so excited to see them and find out all the new stuff coming our way for the game like brand-new events, gear, bug fixes, and a lot more. While we can’t share the specifics with all of you just yet, we did get some time to sit down with the dev team to ask them some questions.

Lineage 2 Dev Team Group Photo NCSOFT Logo

Q. We just celebrated our 12th Anniversary here in the West, but Lineage II actually came out 12 years ago in Korea. What do you think of Lineage II now being 13 years old?

A. Our Lead Designer Taeklim has actually been working on Lineage II from the very beginning – all 13 years. We know that not many games make it to 13 years so we are extremely proud. We are working on ways to continue to make the game better and repay our players for their love.


Q. What is your favorite memory of working on Lineage II?

A. One time our Lead Designer Taeklim was working on a weapon augment that went live in the game. Unfortunately the skill that was activated wasn’t the one that was intended and instead of giving players a buff when they used it, it kept accidentally sending the players back to town. There was a lot of confusion and some laughs but we eventually fixed it.

Q. What’s the best thing about Lineage II to you?

A. Definitely the community. We have unique players that go out of their way to help and interact with each other in our game.

Q. Which Lineage II game update is your favorite and why?

A. The Age of Splendor was one of our favorites to work on. We like to call it the “glory days” as that was when we had a huge update that included new things like a level cap increase, brand new and exciting skills, and the players were obviously most excited. It was a very happy time in Aden.

Lineage 2 Dev Team Group Photo

Q. Who is your favorite Lineage II NPC? What do you like most about them?

A. We have a few favorites, actually. Taeklim, our Lead Designer loves Darin from the Talking Island Village. He was part of an old quest line before the Goddess of Destruction update, where he would send a love letter to a player in the hopes that they would give it to his true love. It’s very special to Taeklim. We’re also quite fond of Raina, the Sub-class/Dual Class Trainer and Eva's Avatar from one of the Noblesse quests.

Q. Do you have a favorite area in Aden?

A. Talking Island is our favorite place in Aden, because that is where all players are born. We’re also pretty fond of Magmeld because of the cats there.

Lineage 2 NA Producer Juji and Taeklim

Q. What are some things that the dev team is working on to improve experiences for players in the future?

A. The team has been working on a lot of new features to make Lineage II even more fun. Some of the things we want to focus on are more group PvP options that include high scale benefits for the best servers. We believe that these are some of the most epic types of battles in Lineage II and give players some of the strongest memories of the game.

Q. What is being done by the dev team to combat bots in Lineage II?

A. We did take a look at the NCWest servers and verified that the bot problem is not ideal. This makes us really sad because Lineage II is such a great game. We’ve been working very closely with the NCSOFT West team to come up a multi-tiered approach to tackle the situation. Due to security concerns we can’t share all the details on everything we’re working on but we can let you know that we have a few tricks up our sleeves. We’re in the process of developing a several new systems that will reduce and deter bots from tarnishing our game.


It’s been an amazing year for Lineage II and while we just finished our 12th Anniversary celebration, we’ve got plenty of new stuff coming your way. Keep an eye on the official Lineage II website to keep up-to-date on all the great new stuff coming soon.

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