12th Anniversary Sweepstakes Winners


Elpies are mysterious and cute creatures from Aden. From April 6 to April 20, 2016, many of you participated in our 12th Anniversary Sweepstakes to win an elpy of your very own. We only had thirty to give away but they are ready to hop into their winners’ arms! Make sure to take good care of them! Here are the lucky winners:


  1. Danilo G.
  2. Dave P.
  3. Seth V.
  4. Marcia W.
  5. Kamil T.
  6. Shawn H.
  7. Sascha H.
  8. Adr I.
  9. Sher K.
  10. Stefan L.
  11. Jen N.
  12. Geoff P.
  13. Amanda S.
  14. Vanessa S.
  15. Matthew B.
  16. Shelden B.
  17. l2berith
  18. Drew W.
  19. Norge C.
  20. Milica P.
  21. Jason W.
  22. Seoung K.
  23. Khoa L.
  24. Shawn T.
  25. Tyler J.
  26. Rachman A.
  27. David B.
  28. Ivelisse W.
  29. Hyunsuk H.
  30. Michael K.

The winners have been contacted. Thank you so much to everyone who participated. Don’t forget to check out our 12th Anniversary Screenshot Contest and 12th Anniversary Video Contest as well. We’re looking forward to seeing all of your great submissions and continuing to celebrate our anniversary with you.

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