Third New Server: Bartz


Goddess of Destruction population continues to thrive! To help manage the large influx of players that continue to revitalize Lineage II, we are opening a third new server: Bartz!

Bartz may ring as a familiar name to veteran Lineage II players. That is because Bartz was in fact the most popular NCsoft West Lineage II server in our past. Over the years, many players have started their adventures there, forged lasting friendships and added to the historic reputation of Bartz as an iconic Lineage II experience. Therefore we are happy to announce that the opening of this third new server acts as the rebirth of Bartz's legacy! Let Bartz live on!

The new Bartz server will open with the regular server maintenance period on December 14, 2011. It will have the following server characteristics and restrictions:

  • The Bartz server is for new characters only. Server transfers to Bartz are not currently available.
  • Server timezone is CST (Dallas, Texas, USA). This is the same server timezone as the Chronos, Shilen, and Magmeld servers.
  • Character slots are limited to two per account until a later date.
  • Conquerable Clan Halls, Territory Wars and Castle Siege dates will be announced at a later date.
  • The Olympiad opens on December 14, 2011. The first Heroes (if any) will be in January 2012.

Bartz Lore:

Bartz is a Paladin of the Lamb's Heart, Oren's noble family. He has a passionate heart, willing to risk his life for a trusted cause. He sincerely believes that all should unite their strength to fight against injustice for a better world. He joined the Knights of the Cathedral, part of the Einhasad Temple, eventually facing expulsion for refusing to retreat during battle. However, Cardinal Seresin ordered him to serve guard duty rather than face expulsion. Bartz began his journey, visiting kingdoms with the Cardinal. While visiting many villages, he learned that the Order's priests were having premonitions of an ominous future. He realized that his guard duty had much more significant meaning.

Discuss the new Bartz server on the forums.

Explore the Server and Get Rewards


To celebrate the opening of the Bartz server for brand new characters, here are a few goals that characters are invited to reach as they explore the fun of Lineage II. The first character (or clan, if applicable) to reach each goal will be listed on the website and become immortalized in historical fame. Also, the more ambitious characters can try for a special goal that gives an item reward!

Calls to Fame

Be the first, be immortalized on the website!

  • First player to complete their first class transfer quest.
  • First player to complete their second class transfer quest.
  • First players to create a party together.
  • First group or raid to defeat Queen Ant.
  • First clan to reach level 5.

Special Reward

Awaken in style with the Jet Bike!

The very first character to complete their Awakening on the Bartz server will receive a Jet Bike Mount Bracelet! Only one character may receive this reward, so hurry to your Awakening!

The Jet Bike Mount Bracelet is a permanent item with a transformation skill that gives you the appearance of riding on a large steampunk jet bike! The bracelet cannot be traded, dropped or sold.



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