Lineage II: Salvation - Etina's Fate Update Preview


The next major update, Lineage II: Salvation - Etina’s Fate, will be arriving on August 22. In addition to several system updates and quality-of-life improvements, Etina’s Fate includes a number of new and improved Hunting Grounds, Raid Boss encounters, quests, and more. For the many heroes who have reached the highest levels, you’ll have the opportunity to confront Etis van Etina—Head of Embryo and a viciously corrupting force—in the ultimate battle to determine his fate and the fate of all of Aden’s denizens. Those who prevail in the grave encounters awaiting you will begin to plot a course beyond Lv. 105 in preparation for mighty challenges that are yet to come.
To better prepare seasoned adventurers for victory in the fight against Etina, we’re adjusting the level ranges of several existing Hunting Grounds. The expectation is that endgame content overall will be tailored to allow more players to climb to Lv. 105 and beyond, while an appropriate challenge is maintained and the achievement of reaching the highest levels isn’t diminished. With this in mind, the following Hunting Grounds will be updated to cater to characters who meeting the following level requirements:
  • Silent Valley:  Lv. 95+
  • Land of Chaos: Lv. 103+
  • Sea of Spores:  Lv. 106+
Building on the goal of providing you with more content for character progression up to Lv. 110, we’re also adding eight new Lv. 107 Field Raid bosses to the Sea of Spores and Shadow of the Mother Tree. Roam these grounds for new encounter opportunities and experience boons. Additionally in the Sea of Spores, Orfen’s appearance and combat style have been upgraded to compliment her bump to Lv. 108, ensuring she’s ready to test your mettle like never before!

L2 Atelia Refinery 3.jpg L2 Atelia Refinery 4.jpg

L2 Atelia Refinery 2.jpg L2 Atelia Refinery 5.jpg

New Atelia Refinery Raid

Many of you will of course need to face additional threats on your climb up to Lv. 105 and beyond. In this conclusive chapter of Salvation, Helios is making a villainous return in Superion Fortress, which you can access by talking to Kekropus in the Town of Giran, to brawl with characters Lv. 103 and higher. Meanwhile, enter the new Atelia Refinery (Lv. 103+) from the Atelia Fortress to help Leona Blackbird cut off a major source of Etina’s power. Be warned, however, that one of three Monsters—Spira, Harke, and Ergalion—is always on guard over the Dark Atelia supply chain that’s so valuable to their leader. We assure you that they’re eager to introduce themselves to any intruders! If you seek to further your journey beyond Lv. 105, you’ll want to visit Freya’s Boss Instance (Epic), Frintezza’s Boss Instance (Epic), and Spezion’s Boss Instance (Epic) for newly-increased Lv. 104+ encounters.

While you endeavor to conquer the unique challenges each of these malefactors present, don’t take your eye off the primary antagonist, Etis van Etina, after he’s weakened by the raid on his refinery. All-new story quests will be made available to help you seal his fate. Once you’ve reached at least Lv. 104 and feel ready to take him on, gather your friends and venture to Etina’s Dungeon. Dark Atelia or no, he’s determined to shatter any force that would stand in his way!

Etis van Etina, Head of Embryo

Lineage II: Salvation - Etina’s Fate provides a number of new and improved Hunting Grounds and Raid Bosses for all players Lv. 95+ who are on the path toward Lv. 110. But the journey is arduous and many challenges await you! 
Stay tuned for a closer look at the coming systems updates as well as the official patch notes ahead of the August 22 release.
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