Lineage II: Salvation - Etina's Fate Now Live!


The next major update for Lineage II is here!

Lineage II: Salvation - Etina’s Fate brings this epic story to its fitting conclusion, while also introducing a significant number of updates, improvements, and new battles to your Lineage II adventure!

With the release of this new update, Sub Class and Dual Class skills will be reset and can be retrained at Talking Island with new options. On the leveling front, we’re reducing the amount of EXP needed to reach Lv. 110 to prepare you for new adventures in future updates that will be tailored specifically for Lv. 110 and higher characters.

There are numerous additions and improvements to the Hunting Grounds, including a new daily instance in which Helios will battle anyone seeking a challenge. We’ve also adjusted the level ranges of Silent Valley to Lv. 95+, Land of Chaos to Lv. 103+, and Sea of Spores to Lv. 106+, as well as introduced the all-new Etina’s Dungeon and Atelia Refinery to the mix. Finally, Raid Boss encounters for Orfen, Freya (Epic), Frintezza (Epic), and Spezion (Epic) have been updated, and eight new Field Raid bosses have been added to the Sea of Spores and Shadow of the Mother Tree.

For more information about Lineage II: Salvation – Etina’s Fate update, read the full patch notes here!


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