Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

Lineage II Classic

We’re proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the new Lineage II Classic server on October 3! North American players will get a chance to step back in time and experience Lineage II as it was in the beginning.

Create your character from a selection of 31 classes and the five original races, each with varying skills and abilities. Go back to the days before instances, when earning a level was an achievement worthy of everyone shouting “grats.” You won’t want to go it alone in Lineage II Classic; form a clan with your allies and go to war, dominating your foes and gaining valuable loot. It’s your chance to relive the times when conquering an MMORPG server meant something!

Forgotten TempleRuins of Agony

If you have additional questions about Lineage II Classic, head over to the Lineage II Classic FAQ on our forums.

Launch Packs & Classic VIP Rewards Program

In preparation for the launch, we’re offering Lineage II Classic Launch Packs for a limited time. Whether you choose the Journey Pack or the Chronicle Pack, each of these Classic Launch Packs includes special buffs and boosts to give you that extra edge in the brutal and difficult world of Lineage II Classic. Be sure to get yours before midnight (PDT) on October 2!

Journey PackChronicle Pack

The Classic VIP Rewards Program rewards you for spending NCoin in the Lineage II Classic store! Head over to the Classic VIP Rewards Program overview article for all the details.

Preview Livestream

You won’t want to miss the Lineage II Classic preview stream next Friday, September 28, at 11am PDT, where we’ll be walking you through the Lineage II Classic experience, providing a sneak peek at what’s to come, and giving away Launch Packs to a few lucky viewers.

As always, be sure to stay up to date on the latest Lineage II news by following our social channels on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch, and continue the conversation on the new Lineage II Classic forums.

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