Lineage II Classic Patch Notes & Overview

Relive the beginning with Lineage II Classic, and experience the bold, tough, and unforgiving world of a hardcore progression MMO. Team up with friends in a Clan, dominate your enemies, and claim ownership of a vast empire. Start fresh on a new server and race to meet the challenges of punishingly difficult (and non-instanced) content.

The Lineage II Classic servers become available following maintenance on October 3. If you haven’t already, download and install Lineage II now, and be sure to follow the newly dedicated @LineageIIOps Twitter account for service status and support. If you encounter any issues when installing, loading, or playing Lineage II Classic be sure to visit our Support site.

Launch Packs & Classic VIP Rewards Program

Journey PackChronicle Pack

The Classic VIP Rewards Program rewards you for spending NCoin in the Lineage II Classic store! Head over to the Classic VIP Rewards Program overview article for all the details.

Lineage II Classic Overview

We recently held our first Lineage II Classic livestream to go over the specifics for how this reimagined rewind will function, and which features are returning.  If you missed it, watch it now and see what’s waiting for you when Lineage II Classic goes live.

Lineage II Classic Patch Notes

For more information about Lineage II Classic, read the full patch notes here!

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