July 2018 Preview


Hello all,

Below you’ll find a few noteworthy items and updates coming in the month of July.


Security Update

  • In our ongoing efforts to combat unauthorized 3rd-party tools, we’ve invested into a completely new security solution.
  • When the security update is live, GameGuard will no longer be required to connect to the servers.
  • A new tool will take the place of GameGuard and be required to install and run to continue playing Lineage II.
  • There will be an unspecified break-in period with the new tools—we’ll be monitoring and troubleshooting issues it may cause, such as disconnections or update errors and compatibility with certain applications.
  • The decision to make this change came with the goal of having greater control over our security tools, and allowing us to react much quicker to existing and emerging cheat tools.


Ancient Cloaks Return in July

  • After a lot of feedback about the difficulty in upgrading the cloaks, a revision to the Ancient System will be introduced.


Server Transfers



The Lineage II Team


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