Holiday Adena Art Contest 2017 Winners

Get into the holiday spirit with these 2017 Holiday Adena Art winnners. Congratulations!


Grand Prize Winner

Prize: 5 Billion Adena, 20x Pa'agrio Warm Breeze (1-hour), Choice of Stage 10 Faction Talisman

 Arkueid - Chronos



Prize: 1 Billion Adena, 10x Pa'agrio Warm Breeze (1-hour), Choice of Stage 8 Faction Talisman

Ailly_thumb.jpg Cienight_thumb.jpg
Ailly - Naia Cienight - Freya


K4gebunshin_thumb.jpg PumpkinSpice_thumb.jpg
K4gebunshin - Chronos PumpkinSpice - Freya


Sail0rMoon_thumb.jpg SuipiChan_thumb.jpg
Sail0rMoon - Chronos SuipiChan - Freya


Taniia_thumb.jpg Umbrae_thumb.jpg
Taniia - Chronos Umbrae - Chronos


WitchBone_thumb.jpg Zrynah_thumb.jpg
WitchBone - Chronos Zrynah - Chronos


Winners will be contacted via email regarding their Choice of Faction Talisman. Prizes will be delivered to the provided character's account within 72 hours with the exception of the Choice of Faction Talisman.

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