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  • Heine Fishing Expedition Returns!

    Heine Fishing Expedition Returns!

    L2 Store | New Blessings | About the Expedition | Fishing Rewards | EXP Rewards | Reward Boxes   The Spoils of War: Fortune in the Water The forces of Embryo continue their attack to devastating ends on the Keucereus Alliance Base. With the allied forces of Aden occupied... Read >

  • Play to Win Oriana's Lucky Draw!

    Play to Win Oriana's Lucky Draw!

    Event Process | Daily Drawing Schedule | Reward Box | New Items Step right up and play Oriana's Lucky Draw—the new in-game event that offers rewards just for playing! Every hour while the event is active players will have the opportunity to enter the Lucky Draw... Read >

  • Flash Sale! March 16-19

    Flash Sale! March 16-19

    Greetings, adventurers! Brooches and Jewels are back for a limited time! Grab up these hot items this weekend only. Sale items are available Friday, March 16 through Monday, March 19.   La Vie en Rose's Brooches Bundle Name Item... Read >

  • Prestige Pack Updated

    Prestige Pack Updated

    Calling all high-end players! The Prestige Pack has been upgraded to feature new and updated components. In addition to the existing Prestige Cube Pack, Eva's Rune Pack, and 40 Hero Coin provided with the Prestige Pack, subscribers will receive... Read >

  • Power of Love Screenshot Contest Winners

    Power of Love Screenshot Contest Winners

    You've captured your woos and affections in timeless fashion for all to see, and now the Power of Love Screenshot Contest winners have been chosen! Everyone who submitted a qualifying entry will be receiving a Sweet Chocolate 1-hr Participation... Read >

  • Daylight Saving Begins Sunday, March 11

    Daylight Saving Begins Sunday, March 11

    Daylight Saving Time is set to begin in North America Sunday, March 11 at 2:00am Pacific Time. After this time change, all activity times like Sieges, Olympiad, Ceremony of Chaos, Dimensional Raid, Daily Vitality, and Instance resets will begin one... Read >

  • Power of Love Screenshot Contest

    Power of Love Screenshot Contest

    The Power of Love event maybe nearing its end, but to keep the denizens of Aden sharing their affections for one another (and for delicicous desserts!) we're asking you to send us your best Power of Love-themed screenshots! All you... Read >

  • Circlets of Power Are Here!

    Circlets of Power Are Here!

    Upgrading a Circlet | New Item Descriptions | Circlet Stats | Augmenting a Circlet Items of incredible power have made their way to the marketplace of Aden. Adventurers can now choose from a selection of circlets, each offering a multitude of stat bonuses. The circlets... Read >

  • Aden Feels the Power of Love!

    Aden Feels the Power of Love!

    Event Duration February 7 to March 7, 2018 Main Event Period: Love Potions drop from monters. Coco Brownie NPC is in town to give out buff items. Event Server Settings: Vitality rate increased by 300% No Augment Removal Fee... Read >

  • Fortune Reading Game Returns!

    Fortune Reading Game Returns!

    How to Play | Regular Card Rewards | Golden Card Rewards | New Items | New Appearances Eve the Crystal Seer returns to reveal your fate in the updated Fortune Reading game! Grab some tickets to receive your card reading for special rewards. Items exclusively available as... Read >