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  • NCSOFT Privacy Policy Updates

    NCSOFT Privacy Policy Updates

    To better enhance the privacy rights of all NCSOFT account holders, we are updating the NCSOFT Privacy Policy.  This update addresses the new requirements set forth by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on... Read >

  • Hero Coin Reward List Update

    Hero Coin Reward List Update

    Greetings, We're making some adjustments to Hero Coin rewards during standard maintenance Wednesday, May 16. Here is the updated reward list including many price reductions. Keep in mind there's no longer a limit or annual reset of your accumulated... Read >

  • La Vie En Rose's Glorious Brooches are Here!

    La Vie En Rose's Glorious Brooches are Here!

    Jewelry Boxes | Ultimate Jewelry Box | Brooches | Glorious Brooch Stats | Augment Fee | Normal Augment Options | Rare Augment Options La Vie en Rose's Brooches have returned for a limited time! As powerful as they are beautiful, these are no mere trinkets. Completely customizable by their wearer, the... Read >

  • May 2018 Preview

    May 2018 Preview

    We hope you all have enjoyed the Spring Harvest and 14th Anniversary bonus server settings so far. Here’s a quick look at some additional plans we have in store for Lineage II this month.   Brooch Promotion (May 16–June... Read >

  • 14th Anniversary Celebration Overview

    14th Anniversary Celebration Overview

    Mega Media Contest | GM Event | Spring Harvest Event | Bonus Server Settings Dear players, The Lineage II 14th anniversary celebration is underway! In addition to the start of the Spring Harvest event, you’re now able to take full advantage of bonus server settings,... Read >

  • 14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest

    14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest

    Attention heroes! The time has come to put your passion for Lineage II into creative overdrive. We’re continuing the celebration of the game’s teenage years with the 14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest! All of Aden’s talented and innovative adventurers... Read >

  • The Spring Harvest is Here!

    The Spring Harvest is Here!

    Event Duration | Event Process | Rewards | Community Puss the Cat returns to the game during the 14th anniversary Spring Harvest with more smashable food items! Go hunting, collect nectar, grow squashes, and smash them for rewards inside. With the arrival of the harvest you'll... Read >

  • Last Call on Heine Fishing Specialties

    Last Call on Heine Fishing Specialties

    For those of you looking to take full advantage of Heine Fishing Expedition items, please note that the promotion ends with maintenance this Wednesday, April 25. Any Secret Embryo Bait Coupons, Secret Embryo Bait, Smuggled Embryo Chests, Embryo Reward... Read >

  • 14th Anniversary Preview

    14th Anniversary Preview

    As mentioned in our 2018 Roadmap, we’re kicking off the anniversary celebration next week with a number of different festivities. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.   Squash Event (April 25–May 16) Destroy squash with Chrono... Read >

  • Lineage II Roadmap 2018

    Lineage II Roadmap 2018

    Dear players, We hope to help bring you many more fun and fruitful adventures across Aden this year. While we haven’t locked in all of our plans for 2018 with the development team yet, there are some noteworthy things... Read >