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  • Lineage II: Salvation - Etina's Fate Coming August 22

    Lineage II: Salvation - Etina's Fate Coming August 22

    The next major update for Lineage II and the conclusive chapter of Salvation is coming August 22! Lineage II: Salvation - Etina’s Fate will call seasoned adventurers to the ultimate battle against the Head of the Embryo, Etis van... Read >

  • Ancient Kingdom Cloaks Return

    Ancient Kingdom Cloaks Return

    Item Information | Sale Information | Hero Coin Limited Bonus Items Ancient Kingdom Cloaks are returning to the L2 Store July 25 to August 22, 2018! Choose the type of cloak that best suits you and enchant it to... Read >

  • July 2018 Preview

    July 2018 Preview

    Hello all, Below you’ll find a few noteworthy items and updates coming in the month of July.   Security Update In our ongoing efforts to combat unauthorized 3rd-party tools, we’ve invested into a completely new security solution. When the... Read >

  • Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag

    Freya's Deluxe Shopping Bag

    Freya’s Shopping Bags have returned to the L2 Store for a limited time! Unwrap the Shopping Bags for your chance at powerful boosts, or gift boxes containing rare and powerful items. Shopping Bags are available for purchase until maintenance on... Read >

  • Red Libra VII

    Red Libra VII

    Event Items | Event Process | Weapon Exchange | Quests | Elysium Weapon Rewards   XP Bonus Server Setting EXP bonuses will be available over the next four weekends as follows: Schedule Start Date End Date Week1 June 23, 12am June 24, 11:59pm Week 2 June 30,... Read >

  • Red Libra VII is Coming June 20!

    Red Libra VII is Coming June 20!

    Beginning next Wednesday, June 20, the much-anticipated Red Libra event will be returning to Aden! Elders will be setting up shop in the Town of Giran to offer you their generous array of services. We’ll provide you with the... Read >

  • Freya-to-Naia Merge: Server Transfer Status Update

    Freya-to-Naia Merge: Server Transfer Status Update

    As we prepare to merge Freya to Naia, we want to make sure you’re aware of how server transfers will be handled in the days and weeks ahead. If you’re thinking of transferring a character to another server, below... Read >

  • Freya-to-Naia Server Merge Guide

    Freya-to-Naia Server Merge Guide

    On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 during weekly maintenance Freya will be merged with Naia. With this date rapidly approaching we want to make sure players on both servers are aware of how they'll be affected by the process. First,... Read >

  • 14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest Winners

    14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest Winners

    So many talented Lineage II enthusiasts have dazzled and delighted us with inspiring screenshots, artworks, and videos, and the winners are in! We asked for original Lineage II-inspired creations in any of three formats and you did not disappoint.... Read >

  • June 2018 Preview

    June 2018 Preview

    Hello all,   Here’s a quick peek ahead at some of the things in store for Lineage II toward the latter half of June.   Red Libra Returns Red Libra, Red Libra, Red Libra! The beloved Red Libra event... Read >