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Launcher_Rotation_Ncoin.jpgWhat is NCoin™?

NCoin is a virtual currency that can be used to purchase digital items for Lineage II or Aion from the games’ virtual item stores, including Lineage II’s L2 Store and L2 Galleria. The purchase of NCoin is made with real world currency, and only NCoin can be used to purchase items from the Lineage II web shop or in-game shop.

This page explains all you need to know about NCoin, the available denominations, and how to purchase it:


How to Buy NCoin

We recently updated the NC Account management system. The NC Account management system is a simpler and more secure way to manage your NCSOFT profile and game accounts using a single email address. You must update your game account to a NC Account to be able to purchase NCoin.

You can purchase NCoin from the L2 Store while playing in-game, or through the NCSOFT website.

  1. Click on "BUY NCOIN NOW" and log into your account. 


  1. Choose a denomination according to how much NCoin you wish to purchase by clicking the "BUY NOW" button .
    • NCoin is only available for purchase with United States Dollars (USD).
    • In the following example, you decided to purchase 1,600 NCoin for $20.


  1. Choose your payment method.


  1. Enter the relevant payment information.
    • If using a credit card, fill out your credit card information in the form. If you want the NCSOFT Store to remember this credit card information for future purchases, check the box next to "Allow Card on File Purchases".
    • Fill in the CAPTCHA and click "Continue" to process the information. 



  1. On the confirmation page, review your purchase order and click "Confirm Purchase" if it is all correct.


  1. Your order has now been processed and the NCoin has been applied to your account. You will see a receipt page detailing your purchase order.


At all times, you can review your NCoin purchase history by clicking on "BILLING" tab of your NC Account profile.

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Available Denominations

All NCoin items and bundles are only priced in United States Dollars (USD), and the VAT (Value-Added Tax) is added onto the price of the item or bundle at the time of purchase. VAT rates are specific to the country that the user originates from. Please check with your financial institution for details.

When browsing the NCoin stores, start out small if you'd like to first explore the value of store items, or stock up with a larger bundle so you can purchase more items without interrupting gameplay to refill your NCoin balance. It's up to you how you'd like to purchase and spend NCoin to suit your budget and play style. Truly Free provides the flexibility for you to play your way!

NCoin - Available Bundles
US Dollar Value NCoin Value
$5.00 400
$10.00 800
$20.00 1,600
$50.00 4,000
$100.00 8,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are NCoin and the L2 Store?
A: NCoin is the virtual currency used to buy items in the L2 Store and L2 Galleria. Your NCoin is stored in a digital wallet. Once your wallet has been funded, you can use NCoin to purchase items through the in-game L2 Store or the online L2 Galleria.

Q: How will items be delivered in game after purchase?
A: After you purchase an item from the L2 Store, it appears in your inventory. After you purchase an item from the L2 Galleria, it can be found on the Dimensional Merchant NPC of the server you chose to apply the item to. You can also trade some items between your characters through the Dimensional Merchant NPC.

Q: Do I have to purchase NCoin to play Lineage II?
A: No! Lineage II is “Truly Free.” You don't have to purchase anything to enjoy Lindvior - Goddess of Destruction. Store items are designed to inprove your in-game experience but are required to play and enjoy Lineage II.

Q: What kinds of items are available in the L2 Store and L2 Galleria? Is the game still enjoyable without buying these items?
The L2 Store contains helpful items in categories such as XP boosts, supplies, cosmetic (vanity) items, special bundles and items exclusive to events, holidays, and promotions. Items in the L2 Galleria are a smaller collection of the same items, and generally feature the latest store items or most popular item bundles only. The items in the L2 Store enhance your in-game experience by accelerating gameplay or delighting you, but you don't have to purchase anything to enjoy Goddess of Destruction.

Q: Will I be able to sell or trade items that I purchase in the L2 Store?
Most items you can purchase through the L2 Store can be traded between characters within your account and on the same server by using the Dimensional Merchant NPC. You will also able to trade and sell some items to characters outside of your account.

Q: Can I buy or “gift” my friends NCoin?
No. The ability to purchase and send NCoin to friends and other players in-game is not possible.

Q: Will I be able to sell or trade NCoin?
No, NCoin cannot be traded or sold, or transferred between accounts. NCoin is tied to one account only, but all characters on that account share it, even if they're on different servers from each other. With the introduction of the NC Account management system, NCoin can be shared between an Aion account and a Lineage II account that both exist under one NC Account. NCoin cannot be shared between multiple NC Accounts.

Q: How can I get NCoin?
The purchase of NCoin is made with real world currency from within your NCSOFT Master Account (if not yet migrated) or your NC Account (if migrated), and through the NCSOFT Store. Once you’ve made your purchase, the NCoin is applied directly to your Lineage II game account (if using NCSOFT Master Account) or NC Account that you chose during the purchase, and will be available for use immediately.

Q: Can I use game time cards to buy NCoin?
Yes! Game time cards can be used to purchase NCoin from the Use Serial Code option of your NCSOFT Master Account or NC Account. The exchange rate for game time cards is as follows: 15-day game time card = 600 NCoin, 30-day game time card = 1,200 NCoin, 60-day game time card = 2,400 NCoin.

Q: I never purchased any NCoin. Why do I have an active NCoin balance?
All customers that had active game time remaining on their account when Lineage II transitioned to Truly Free had their remaining game time balance converted into NCoin. The amount of remaining game time that was left on an account determined the amount of NCoin a player received as compensation.

Q: What is the minimum/maximum amount of NCoin I can purchase in a single transaction?
The minimum amount of NCoin you can purchase in a single transaction is 400 NCoin, while the maximum amount is 8,000 NCoin. However, there is no limit to how much NCoin you can have at one time.

Q: Does NCoin ever expire after I purchase it?
No, purchased NCoin does not expire.

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