Server Transfer Service

The Server Transfer Service allows you to move a character from one game server to another. This page is a guide and FAQ that tells you the service’s rules, requirements, restrictions, and purchase instructions. Please read the service rules and requirements carefully before proceeding.

Important Holiday Update: The Server Transfer Service is disabled during the holidays, from December 19, 2012 to January 9, 2013. On January 9, registration and purchase will resume. The first batch of server transfers of the new year will be processed on January 16.



Server Transfer Rules & Requirements

  • Character was created over 30 days ago.
  • Character must be level 40 or higher and have completed their second class transfer.
  • A character may use this service once every 30 days, no less.
  • Lineage II account must be in good standing (able to play, not suspended).
  • Character is not currently queued for deletion.
  • Character does not belong to a clan or alliance.
  • Character is not a Hero and is not queued to become a Hero next month.
  • Character has no incoming or outgoing mail.
  • Character does not have any items registered at the Auction House.
  • Character is not currently queued for other account services.
  • As part of the Server Transfer Service process, you must create a new placeholder character on the destination server. This character:
    • must stay at level 1 (do not gain XP, speak to the Newbie Helper, or complete quests)
    • may not be queued for deletion
    • may not join a clan or alliance
    • will be deleted once the Server Transfer Service processing is done (any items, Adena, skills and other associations will be deleted as well)

If the service fails:

If any of the above requirements are not met, the server transfer service will fail. If your server transfer has failed, your character will be automatically entered into the next round of server transfers; no action on your part is needed. You can verify the cause for a failed transfer by checking the eligibility for your character on this page.


  • Some items cannot be transferred. For lists of items that can and cannot be transferred, see the About section of the Server Transfer page in the L2 Galleria.
  • After a character has transferred to a new server, the character’s name cannot be used on the previous server ever. This is to prevent against identity theft and impersonation.
  • Server transfers are processed during the weekly server maintenance sessions on Wednesdays. (Account services are not processed during emergency maintenance or a server crash or restart.) Applications are accepted between weekly maintenance times.
    • Example: If you successfully apply for a Server Transfer Service before the weekly maintenance begins, your service will be processed with that maintenance.

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Applying for a Server Transfer

  1. Create your level 1 placeholder character on the destination server.
  2. Click on this link and on the next page select Server Transfer.
  3. Fill out the form with the character and server information:
    • Choose your departure server.
    • Choose the character on your departure server that you wish to transfer.
    • Choose your destination server.
    • Choose the level 1 placeholder character on the destination server.
  4. Read the Requirements and About section.
    • If your character is eligible, all Requirements will have a green check mark icon next to them.
    • After reading the About section, check the box at the bottom that says “I have read and approve these terms.”
  5. Click Purchase.

Your server transfer will be processed with the next weekly server maintenance.

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Q: How can I find out which items on my character will transfer and which won't?

A: First you need to fill out Step 1 and Step 2 of the application form,  but you do not need to purchase the service yet in order to the see the list. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the Step 3 section and click on Detailed View in the Items category. This will show you a customized list of every item on your character and will tell you which will transfer and which won't.


Q: A character can be transferred once every 30 days, but what if I want to transfer two or more characters at once?

A: Each Server Transfer Service purchased can be applied to one character only, and the 30-day restriction applies to the same character only. There is no limit to how many different characters you can transfer at once.

Q: Will this service change in the future?

A: All Account Services’ details, rules, and processing are subject to change. Details pages and FAQs such as this one will reflect the latest facts.

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