Name Change Service

The Name Change Service allows you to change the name of your character as it appears in-game. This page is a guide and FAQ that tells you how to purchase and apply the service. Please read the service rules and requirements carefully before proceeding.


Name Change Service Rules & Requirements

  • A character’s name may be changed only once every 90 days.
  • The Name Change Service is processed within approximately 24 hours.
  • To be eligible for the Name Change Service, a character must not be online at the time of the change.
  • Name Changes, like all Account Services, are final. A character’s name cannot be changed back.
  • A part of the Name Change Service process, you must create a new character with the desired name in order to reserve the name. This character:
    • must stay at level 1
    • must be on the same server as the character who will be receiving the name change
    • will be deleted once the Name Change Service processing is done (any items, Adena, skills and other associations will be deleted as well)

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Instructions for Applying a Name Change Service

  1. Purchase the Name Change Service from the L2 Store or L2 Galleria. The item is effectively a token that acts as a proof of purchase. The item must be in either your inventory or your private warehouse during the processing phase.
    • If you purchase it from the L2 Store in-game, the item will go directly to your inventory. You must purchase the item on the character you want to give the Name Change Service to.
    • If you purchase it from the L2 Galleria on the website, the item will go to the Dimensional Merchant on the server you chose to send the item to. You must claim the item on the character you want to give the Name Change Service to.
  2. On the same account and same server as the character whose name you want to change, create a level 1 character with the name you want to change the first character’s name to. You should now have at least two characters on this serve: one is your character with their old name, and the other is a level 1 placeholder character with the new name.
    • Do not play the level 1 character! If you play and the character levels up to 2 or higher, you will no longer be eligible for the Name Change Service and the processing will not occur.
    • Remember, when the processing is complete the level 1 character and anything on it will be deleted.
  3. Once the target character has the item in their inventory or private warehouse, and you have created a level 1 “name placeholder” you must contact the support team and request that they process your service. Go to this page.
  4. Due to our new support site, now with single sign on, there is much less information you have to fill out.
    1. Fill out the form as follows:
      • Issue: [Please select "General Gameplay".]
      • Subject: Account Services - Name Change Request
      • Description: Please change my character’s old name “[old name]” to the new name “[new name]” on the [server name] server.
      • Attach Documents: [leave this blank]
  5. Your request form should now look something like this:


  1. Click Submit.
  2. Your request has now been submitted! You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided in the form.
  3. Your service will be processed within 24 hours, but you must not be online at the time of the name change. If you are online when your service process is attempted, you will receive a response to your ticket via email asking you to log out when possible. Once you have logged out, you must reply to the ticket email saying you have logged out, and stay logged out until your name is changed.
  4. When your Name Change Service is processed you’ll get a confirmation email notification. At that time, you may log back in and enjoy your new name.

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Q: Why is the Name Change Service priced at $30 (2,400 NCoin)?

A: The new Name Change Service processing time is only approximately 24 hours, and requires manual resources, as opposed to the former automated service that was only processed on a weekly basis.

Q: A character’s name can only be changed once every 90 days, but what if I want to change the names of two or more characters?

A: Each Name Change Service purchased can be applied to one character only. The 90-day restriction for changing a character’s name applies only to the character that just got a name change. Therefore, you can purchase multiple Name Changes for multiple characters, and apply them whenever you like.

Q: How long until my Account Service is processed?

A: Currently the processing quote time for all Account Services is 24 hours.

Q: Will this service change in the future?

A: All Account Services’ details, rules, and processing are subject to change. Details pages and FAQs such as this one will reflect the latest facts.

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