The dueling system allows characters to challenge each other individually or in parties without fear of a penalty. Duels are possible regardless of the level difference between the opponents.

Duels can be initiated when all of the characters who will participate in the duel are out of combat. During a duel, no escape-related skills or items can be used. When a duel or party duel ends, the participants’ HP, MP, and CP return to what they were before the duel began. All abnormal status magic incurred during the duel disappears at the end of the duel.

When one character invites another character to a duel, the invited character can choose to accept or decline the duel by clicking the appropriate button in the interface window that displays the request. You can also choose to block all duel requests by checking the Decline Duel box in the Game tab of the System Options menu.

One-on-One Duels

duel2_000.jpgYou can request a one-on-one duel by using the /duel command or the Duel icon in the Actions window. You win the duel when your opponent’s HP reaches 1. Each one-on-one duel is two minutes long.


Party vs. Party Duels

You can request a party vs. party duel by using the /partyduel command or the Party Duel icon in the Actions window. A party duel challenge must be made by a party leader, but it can be made to any member of the opposing party. When the opposing party accepts a party duel, all party members of both sides are moved to the Coliseum to carry out the fight. The duel ends when all of the members of one of the parties are dead; the surviving party is the victor. Each party vs. party duel is two minutes long.

A party cannot request or accept party duels if any party member is in any of the following states:

  • Participating in another combat or duel
  • Participating in the Olympiad Games
  • Riding a mount such as a strider or wyvern
  • Engaged in private store or private manufacturing mode
  • Has HP/MP below 50% (including death)
  • Has a clan or ally participating in a siege
  • In a Chaotic state
  • In a zone where restarting is prohibited
  • In a peace zone or battle zone
  • Inside a siege war zone
  • The individual challenged is in an opponent’s hall during a siege
  • The individual requesting the challenge and the individual challenged are more than a certain distance apart
  • The individual challenged to a party duel is a member of the challenger's party
  • There is no free space in the party-use arena

When a party in a command channel requests or accepts a party duel, that party is automatically withdrawn from the command channel. When a party requests or accepts a party duel during party matching, it is removed from the party matching queue. Any trading of a party member is automatically canceled at the time he or she is moved to the arena.


Ending a Duel Early

Duels can be ended prematurely in one of the following ways:

  • Use of the /withdraw command during the duel
  • When the distance between players becomes too great (so that the target window disappears)
  • When a player moves to an area where a duel is impossible after the duel begins
  • When a player attacks another player before the duel begins
  • When a player attacks or receives an attack from an NPC during a one-on-one duel (including through the use of skill/magic)