Castle Sieges


Castle Sieges are battles aimed at winning a castle in large-scale Player vs. Player (PvP) battles.  It is a sanctioned and protected PvP event that occurs on a schedule, in which player clans can battle for the rights to a castle, against each other, or against NPC clans. During a Castle Siege battle, player characters that have registered to participate in the siege battle will not lose XP upon death.

There are nine castles in Lineage II: Aden, Rune, Giran, Gludio, Innadril, Goddard, Dion, Gludin and Schuttgart. Each of the nine castles is at all times occupied by either a player character clan or a NPC clan. A player clan can only occupy one castle at a time.

By default, when no player clan occupies the castle, it is owned by a NPC clan. For example: when the clan owning a castle is dissolved, and the castle’s ownership returns to a NPC clan.

At all times, a castle is aligned to Light or Dark status when player owned, or Neutral status when occupied by NPCs.  Choosing between Light and Dark alignment has advantages and disadvantages that promote further competition between siege times. 

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Castle Sieges take place on alternate Sundays (every two weeks) and last two hours, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (server time). Note that some servers have a different start-week schedule or time zone setting than others.

During the time outside of the scheduled Castle Siege period, a castle is safe and cannot be usurped or damaged. However, on the Sunday following the Castle Siege, certain Campaigns can be undertaken to revert the alignment of Castles of Darkness, in which case the targeted castle owning clan must defend their castle in battle.

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Alignment & Benefits

Alignment Benefits

Castle of Light

Castle of Darkness

Castle Appearance

The castle gleams in shining white light.

The castle is shrouded in darkness beneath swirling storm clouds and a vortex of evil.

Village NPCs

The Proclaimer of Light NPC appears in the Castle of Light’s town and gives a beneficial buff to any character: Blessing of Light: Boosts acquired XP from hunting by 3% for 60 minutes. Can be overwritten by requesting a new one at any time.

A Revolutionary NPC appears outside the Castle of Darkness during siege times, allowing clan members level 40+ that own a Castle of Light to purchase a special siege weapon to use against the Castle of Darkness. When the weapon is equipped, a skill that can only be used on the siege battlefield is added.

Alignment-specific Perk


Clan members that own a Castle of Darkness can be PKed without penalty to the killer, and the killer even receives increased PvP value.

NPC Sales Tax Rate



NPC Purchase Tax Rate

(cannot be set)


PvP Boost Skill: Passive clan skill that increases Max CP by 3,000, and normal and skill attack damage during PvP by 10%. Applies to respective clan members of Marquis rank or high. Does not apply to a Chaotic character.

Ability of Light

Ability of Darkness

Cloak for clan members, obtained from the Court Magician: All stats +2. Damage received during PVP decreases by 10%. Can use castle escape skills. All attributes +10.

Cloak of Light


Cloak of Darkness


Special Cloak for the Lord of the Castle, obtained from the Castle Chamberlain: All stats +3. Damage received during PVP decreases by 15%. Can use castle escape skills. All attributes +15.

Radiant Cloak of Light


Cold Cloak of Darkness


About Castle Cloaks

A clan castle cloak has not grade but it has the same equipment requirements as other cloaks in the game that are not class-specific: full armor set of Dynasty grade or higher. It can be equipped by clan members of Marquis rank or higher.

A clan castle cloak can only be equipped when the clan owns a castle of the respective alignment. When the alignment changes or the clan ceases to own the castle, the cloak is automatically unequipped from the character but remains in the character’s inventory.

Cloaks of Light cannot be equipped by Chaotic characters.

Each castle also has a specific cloak separate from the Light/Dark system. A castle-specific cloak can be used by members of a clan in possession of the respective castle. It can be purchased from the castle NPC’s sales list.

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The registration period is active at all times except during siege battle and during the 24 hour preparation period before a siege begins.

  • 10 p.m. (server time) on the Sunday after Castle Siege ends: Registration period opens
  • 8 p.m. (server time) on the Saturday before Castle Siege begins: Registration period closes
  • 8 p.m. (server time) on the following Sunday: Castle Siege begins

A clan must be level 5 or higher to register for and participate in a Castle Siege. An attacking clan must have the Seal of the Ruler clan skill learned before signing up.

Once the registration period is announced the clan leader can register the clan for siege participation by speaking to the Messenger NPC outside of the castle they wish to participate for.

Clans that are below level 5, and characters that are not part of an eligible clan can still participate in a Castle Siege battle, but they cannot register as Defenders or Attackers and cannot own a castle they help win.

You can register to participate in a Castle Siege battle as Defenders or Attackers. If your clan currently owns a castle and wants to keep it, your clan is automatically signed up as Defenders, but the clan leader must approve the registrations of all other players on the Defender team. If your clan wishes to take control of a particular castle, your clan leader should sign-up as Attackers.

Once registered, the clan leader can view the Castle Siege Information interface in the Clan window. Clan registration in a siege can only be canceled by the clan leader and must be done by speaking with the Messenger NPC before the registration reriod closes.

Siege Registration – Defender

Any clans that wish to aid in defending the castle must register as Defenders by speaking to the Messenger NPC outside the castle’s gates. The clan occupying the castle does not have to register -- it is automatically listed on the siege list and cannot be taken off of the list. The Castle Lord (the clan leader of the clan that currently owns that castle) must approve participation and finalize the siege Defenders list before the registration period closes.

Siege Registration - Attacker

Any clans that wish to aid in the attack on a castle must register by speaking to the Messenger NPC outside of that castle’s gates. If an eligible clan wishes to participate in the hopes of winning the targeted castle, the clan leader must have learned the Seal of the Ruler clan skill before registering the clan for battle.

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Siege Battle

When the Castle Siege period begins at 8 p.m. (server time), the follow happens:

  • The inside and outside of the castle are designed as the battlefield.
  • Although there are no visible lines or borders to mark it, a system message notification appears when your character enters and leaves the battlefield.
  • If a character leaves the battlefield, their battlefield status remains for a short period of time to protect against PvP abuse.
  • All castle gates are automatically be shut.
  • All characters within the castle walls not listed on the Defender list are transported to the second-nearest town.
  • The functions of certain NPCs in and around the castle are suspended for the duration of the Castle Siege.
  • When a registered character dies on the battlefield, they do not lose XP. When an Attacker character dies, he or she respawns in the second-closest town. When a Defender character dies, they respawn the second-closest town or within the castle walls.
  • When a registered character kills another character, their PK and Reputation scores are not affected.

Participant Categories during Combat

During a siege, participants are classified into three categories: Attackers, Defenders, and Unlisted (or Open Target). They are further sorted into sub-categories: Friendly Forces, Enemies, and No Relationship. These relationships may change during the course of a siege.

  • Attackers: characters fighting to take the castle from the Defenders.
  • Defenders: characters fighting to defend the castle from Attackers.
  • Unlisted: characters that have not registered to participate in the siege but that enter the battlefield. If Unlisted characters die on the battlefield they lose XP as normal.
  • Friendly Forces: any characters that are on the same side (Attackers or Defenders).  Also, a clan’s allied clans (sharing an Alliance) are on the same side and see each other as Friendly Forces.
    • Friendly Forces characters can only be attacked by using the Ctrl key.
  • Enemies: any characters that are on the opposing side from you and your clan or Alliance clan.
    • Enemy characters can be attacked without using the Ctrl key.
  • No Relationship: Clans that are on the same side (Attackers or Defenders) but do not share an Alliance are categorized as No Relationship. For example, if two clans are competing to take over the same castle, they do not see each other as Enemies because they are both on the attacking side. Also, Unlisted characters (that are not registered for siege battle but that enter the battlefield area) are seen as No Relationship.
    • No Relationship characters can be attacked without using the Ctrl key.

Siege Headquarters Combat Skill

The Build Headquarters skill is obtained by the clan leader when the clan reaches level 5. This skill establishes an encampment where the clan leader stands. The Siege Headquarters allows clan members to respawn at this site instead of in the second-closest town, and to regenerate HP and MP faster than they would normally. The skill can only be used by the clan leader of an attacking clan within a designated area of the battlefield. The skill consumes 300 C-grade Gemstones.

The Headquarters’ flag also has a certain HP and can be attacked. If the flag falls, members of the clan that own the Headquarters are forced to only be able to respawns in the second-closest town if they die.
A Siege Headquarters disappears when the siege period is over.

Taking Control of a Castle

The ownership of a castle can change many times during a Castle Siege battle. For example, if a clan takes over a castle early on in the siege period, it’s possible for another clan to defeat them and take over the castle again before the siege is over. The winner is the clan that owns the castle at the moment the 2-hour siege period ends.

To take ownership of a castle, the clan leader must find the Holy Artifact(s) within the castle and cast the Seal of Ruler skill to engrave the clan’s name. The skill takes 3 minutes to cast. Attacking the casting clan leader can disrupt the skill casting, therefore it’s necessary that the clan leader be defended while they cast the skill.

Ending a Siege

Mid-Victory: when a clan claims a castle while there is still time left in the siege period. A mid-victory can become Victory if the same clan keeps the castle until the end of the siege period.

The moment the Holy Artifact is claimed, the castle is effectively owned by this clan, and all Enemy participants are forcefully teleported to their respawn points (second-nearest town, Headquarters, etc).

Up until the moment the siege period ends, clans that still wish to attempt to claim the castle can re-enter the castle, make their way back to the Holy Artifact, and successfully cast the Seal of the Ruler skill.

If the Attacking side achieves a mid-victory, the participant categories of the Attackers and Defenders switch, as the newly-owning clan is now defending the castle, and the formerly-owning clan can now attack it. If the newly-owning clan had a Siege Headquarters before they won the castle it disappears.

Victory: when the siege period ends, Victory and castle ownership is awarded to whichever clan the castle’s Holy Artifact is registered to at that moment. If a castle that is owned by a NPC clan remains unclaimed at the end of the siege period, it remains under NPC control.

Imprinting: when a clan makes their castle into a Castle of Light or Castle of Darkness. The clan leader can use the Imprint of Light or Imprint of Darkness skill (both are automatically learned at clan level 5) to align the castle as they choose.

If the clan leader does this after a mid-victory, when there is still time left in the siege period, it causes the castle’s ownership to not be changeable for 5 minutes, even if the Seal of the Ruler is used.

For one hour after the siege period ends, the clan leader can change the alignment of the castle, but after the hour is up the status can no longer be changed by the owning clan.

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Castles Structures and Functions

Holy Artifact

A Holy Artifact is a targetable statue deep within the castle. At all times it is registered to clan (or NPC clan) and this registration declares who the owner of the castle is. Some castles have one Holy Artifact, and some castles have two.

The Seal of the Ruler skill can be cast by multiple clan leaders on the same Holy Artifact at the same time, but only the clan leader that completes the casting first will claim the Holy Artifact.

Castle Gates

Castle gates become attackable targets during a Castle Siege. They cannot be strengthened during a siege battle however the Castle Lord may strengthen them prior to the siege by speaking to the Chamberlain NPC inside the castle. Castle gates that have been destroyed may not be repaired during a siege.

The gates are opened again when the owner of a castle changes. However, the castle gates' HP is significantly decreased until the siege ends.

Once the siege has ended, the gates return to full health. 

Flame Control Tower

A Flame Control Tower is a structure that activates the various facilities that defend the castle. A certain amount of Adena is required to activate these functions, which consist of creating a damage zone that continuously reduces HP, and a slow zone that decreases movement speed. The strength of each of these functions is divided into four stages, depending on the Adena invested. If the attacking side destroys a Flame Control Tower, the functions cease to be activated.

Castle Perks

Castle-owning clan members can partake of special NPCs inside the castle, such as the Chamberlain, a Clan Warehouse Keeper, and a private Gatekeeper, among others.

By default, the Castle Lord has sole access to all of the functions of the castle. However, the Castle Lord may temporarily hand over the rights to use certain functions to members of his own clan or Alliance members by using the rights delegation system in the Clan Actions window.

The Lord of each castle can also manage a Manor, selling seeds in the territory and carrying out productive activities with the seeds that are sold.

The Castle Lord also has the ability to fly through the sky on the back of a Wyvern. This ability is also granted to a clan leader that owns a fortress.

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The Nine Castles

Although there are nine castles, there are only four basic structural models.

Gludio, Dion, Oren, Giran, and Innadril Castles

Stylistically, these castles have traditional appearance and are located in relatively flat areas geographically.

The respawn point for the defending clan is in the inner castle living quarters.

The Holy Artifact is located in a chamber behind the throne room.

There is no passageway into the castle from outside the outer castle wall; however, there is an exit leading out of the castle, which can be utilized in defending.

Goddard and Schuttgart Castles

Stylistically, these castles are designed as stone fortresses built up against mountains, in a semi-circular fashion similar to their respective towns.

Both Goddard and Schuttgart Castles possess two Holy Artifacts, which are located in the same places in each castle. Together, the four Holy Artifacts represent the four elements.

Goddard castle has one unique feature: it is equipped with a rear door that comes out on the back of the mountain. The door is immune to attacks, and it is shut automatically at the beginning of a siege period, and opens automatically upon its end.

Rune Castle

Rune castle is built into an island mountain, making it a formidable fortress with its only access point being the stone bridge connecting it to the mainland.

Rune castle has the interest feature of having a raid boss sometimes participate in Castle Sieges. Venom appears in the Rune castle dungeon 24 hours before a siege period begins. The defending side characters can teleport to the dungeon and fight him as normal until the siege period begins. If the defending side still hasn’t defeated Venom before the siege period begins, and two or more Flame Control Towers are destroyed during the siege battle, Venom will appear near the throne in the inner castle and attack both the defending and attacking sides.

Aden Castle

The most elegant of all the castles, Aden castle is pristine white with gold accents and is decorated with slender turrets, sweeping buttresses and manicured gardens. The castle is located on a cliff adjacent to the town of Aden, sharing the town’s northern wall.

The outer castle is designed with a double structure: a first outer castle wall, on the outer-most side, and a second outer castle wall inside of that. One can reach the inner castle only by passing through these two outer castle walls.

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