Enchanting and Alterations


1. Enchanting
2. Dyes and Tattoos
3. Special Abilities
4. Weapon Augmentation
5. Elemental Attribute System



Enchanting Items

Some weapons and armor can be fortified by using Scroll: Enchant Weapon and Scroll: Enchant Armor. There are different enchantment scrolls for each grade of weapons and armor. No Grade items cannot be enchanted.

Almost all weapons and armor can be safely enchanted to +3, but beyond that, success is based on a pre-defined rate of probability. One-piece type armor can be safely enchanted up to +4.

Weapons that are enchanted to +4 glow a light silver, and as the enchantment level increases, the glow deepens to blue and changes to red at high levels.

When enchantment fails, the item will be destroyed and turned into crystals. The number of crystals generated depends on the item's value.

Blessed Scrolls of Enchant Weapon (or Armor) are similar to normal Scroll: Enchant Weapon and Scroll: Enchant Armor, but the item will not disappear when the enchantment fails. However, upon failure to enchant, the item will be reverted to +0.

Enchanting Armor Sets

Additional effects will be bestowed when complete armor sets are enchanted to +6 and above. Each individual item in the set will need to be enchanted to +6 or above in order to benefit from the new effects. These effects differ depending on each individual armor type or grade.

Enchanting Skills

Only characters who have Awakened can enchant skills. Speak to the NPC who began the third class transfer quest for more information about enchanting skills.

Skill enchanting differs from the usual method of increasing skill levels. Enchanted skills improve unconditionally, and it is possible to choose specific enchant effects. However, the choice must be made when the skill is initially enchanted. Once the enchantment is selected, other effects cannot be improved or added.

The cost of skill enchantment is Adena and SP. The Giant's Codex is required for the initial enchantment, and if it is successful, only Adena and SP will be consumed for additional enchants.

There is a chance that the skill enchanting may fail. In the case of a failed enchantment, the skill will revert to the pre-enchanted state.

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Dyes and Tattoos

Certain items in Lineage II can change the basic ability values (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN) of your character.




Increases P. Atk., and P. Critical Damage.


Increases P. Critical Rate, P. Accuracy, P. Evasion, and Atk. Spd.


Increases Max HP, HP Regeneration, Weight, Breath, Shield Def. Success Rate, and resistance to physical debuffs.


Increases M. Atk., and M. Critical Damage.


Increases M. Critical Rate, M. Accuracy, M. Evasion, Casting Spd., and M. Def. Rate.


Increases M. Def., Magic Cancel Rate, and resistance to magical debuffs.

To change these ability values, a tattoo can be created through the Symbol Maker.


Dyes are items that serve as ingredients for carving symbols (also referred to as tattoos). The dyes have + or - values for the basic ability values. There are ordinary dyes and high-quality dyes. Ordinary dyes can be used as ingredients for carving tattoos after the first class transfer, but not after completing the second. Greater Dyes can be used only by players who have completed the second class transfer.

Tattoo Engraving

Characters of level 20 or above have slots where they can use dyes in the inventory window to engrave tattoos. Characters that haven't yet completed their first class transfer cannot use tattoos. After completing the first class transfer, they can carve two tattoos. After the second class transfer, they can carve one more tattoo, for a total of three. Also, the tattoos that were affixed before the second class transfer lose their effect when the character completes the second class transfer.

If players have enough quantity of dyes and want to engrave a tattoo, they must speak to a Symbol Maker NPC. Symbol Makers charge a fixed fee to carve the tattoo for the player. Carving a tattoo consumes the dye used as an ingredient.

The amount that can be increased from tattoos for a single basic ability value cannot be more than +5. For example, if two tattoos cause STR to increase by +3 and +4 respectively, the total increase of STR cannot exceed +5. There is no limit to the reduction in values, but it is not possible to reduce an ability value all the way to zero.

Some limitations apply to certain tattoo types, as shown in the table below.

Tattoo Combination

Can Be Used By


All classes


Human Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner


Human Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner, Warrior, Human Knight, Paladin, Rogue, Gladiator, Warlord, Dark Avenger, Treasure Hunter, Hawkeye, Elven Knight, Temple Knight, Swordsinger, Plainswalker, Silver Ranger, Palus Knight, Assassin, Shillien Knight, Bladedancer, Abyss Walker, Phantom Ranger, Orc Raider, Orc Monk, Destroyer, Tyrant, Scavenger, Artisan, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith


Human Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner, Cleric, Bishop, Prophet, Elven Oracle, Elven Elder, Shillien Oracle, Shillien Elder, Orc Shaman, Overlord, Warcryer

Tattoo Removal

To remove a tattoo, the player must speak to the Symbol Maker. Removal of a tattoo costs a certain fee, and once removed, half of the dye used for carving the respective tattoo is returned to the inventory.

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Special Abilities

blacksmith-morning.jpgSpecial abilities, also known as enhancements, can be granted to most C-Grade and above weapons. In order to bestow enhancements to weapons, Soul Crystals are required. Grand Magister Jurek of Giran Castle Town can start players on their journey to obtain Soul Crystals. The level and type of the Soul Crystal, the types of abilities that can be bestowed, and the number of items required to enhance a weapon vary.

Adding a Special Ability to a Weapon

To add a special ability to a weapon, speak to a blacksmith in the village once you have gathered all of the required ingredients, including the appropriate level Soul Crystal. The blacksmith's fee may vary depending on the Soul Crystal, weapon grade, and castle tax. Special abilities for A-Grade weapons are granted by the Blacksmith of Mammon.

Weapons must be un-equipped in order to be enhanced. Any special ability on a weapon will remain after it is enhanced, and weapons with special abilities can be enchanted.

Removing Special Abilities

Special Abilities can be removed by the Blacksmith of Mammon and the Black Marketeer of Mammon.

Special Ability List




Magic casting speed increases with a fixed percentage.


Enhances P. Atk. while decreasing maximum HP by a certain percent.

Back Blow

Increases critical attack rate when attacking the enemy from behind.

Bodily Blessing

Chance to cast Bless the Body magic upon the target when using good magic.

Cheap Shot

When launching a general attack, MP consumption is reduced.


Increases maximum MP and decreases maximum HP.

Crt. Anger

Decreases players HP while causing damage to target during critical attack.

Crt. Bleed

Percent chance that target will bleed during critical attack.

Crt. Damage

Inflicts extra damage to target when critical attack is launched.

Crt. Drain

User absorbs HP from target during critical attack.

Crt. Poison

Percent chance that target will be poisoned during critical attack.

Crt. Slow

During a critical attack, the effect of Slow is produced at a certain rate of probability. Enhances damage to target during PvP.

Crt. Stun

Percent chance of stun effect during critical attack.


Increases magic power.


Increases evasion.


Increases critical attack rate.


Increases accuracy.


Increases attack speed.


Increases maximum HP by a certain percent.

HP Drain

Restore 3% of melee damage inflicted on the enemy to oneself in HP.

HP Regeneration

Increases HP regeneration rate. Also enhances damage to target during PvP.


Reduces a weapon's weight.

Magic Chaos

Chance to cast Chaos magic upon the target when using bad magic.

Magic Damage

When using harmful magic on a target, it delivers additional magic damage with a fixed percentage.

Magic Focus

Chance to cast Focus magic upon the target when using good magic.

Magic Hold

Chance to cast Dryad Root magic upon the target when using bad magic.

Magic Paralyze

When using harmful magic on a target, it will paralyze the target with a fixed percentage.

Magic Poison

Chance to cast Poison magic upon the target when using bad magic.

Magic Power

When attacking with magic, the amount of MP used increases with a fixed percentage and magic power also increases.

Magic Regeneration

Regenerates target's HP when using good magic.

Magic Shield

Casts Mental Shield magic upon the target with a 50% chance of success when using good magic.

Magic Silence

When using harmful magic on a target, it will silence the target with a fixed percentage.

Magic Weakness

Chance to cast Weakness magic upon the target when using bad magic.

Mana Up

Increases maximum MP by a certain percent.

Mental Shield

Chance to cast Mental Shield magic upon the target when using good magic.


Reduces the amount of soulshots consumed.

MP Regeneration

Increases MP regeneration rate. Also enhances damage to target during PvP.

Quick Recovery

Reduces re-use delay.

Rsk. Evasion

Increases Evasion when HP becomes low.

Rsk. Focus

Increases critical attack rate when HP becomes low.

Rsk. Haste

Increases Atk. Spd. when HP becomes low.

Towering Blow

Increases attack range.

Wide Blow

Broadens angle of attack.

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Weapon Augmentation

You can augment weapons through the Blacksmith NPC of every village, except in the starting villages for each race and Gludin Village.

All weapons that are C-Grade through S-Grade can be augmented. C-Grade and B-Grade weapons require Gemstone D, and A-Grade and S-Grade weapons need Gemstone C.

For each item to be augmented, a Life Stone and Gemstones are needed, along with the weapon the player wants to augment. Life Stones can be acquired from hunting monsters. There is a higher chance of obtaining a high-level Life Stone from raid/boss monster rather than from an ordinary monster. A Life Stone shows the level of the character who can use it.

For the augmentation order, select the weapon to be augmented, the Life Stone, and Gemstones in the Augment window. Drag and drop the items from the inventory to add them to the Augment window. Click the Augment button.

Blacksmith NPCs can also remove augmentations, and a fee is assessed during the process.

Bonuses Granted

The bonus granted during augmentation is random, determined by the levels of the Life Stone and the weapon. The success rate is 100%.

The types of bonuses include:

  • Increased basic abilities (STR, CON, INT, MEN)
  • Increased battle values (P. Atk., P. Def., M. Atk., Accuracy, etc.)
  • Additional skill (Active, Passive, Chance skill)

The bonus will not take effect when the augmented weapon has a higher grade than the character’s expertise level.

When a weapon is augmented, a prefix will be added to the weapon name.


weapon-augment.jpgThe augmented weapon cannot be exchanged, dropped, traded, sold, freighted, or deposited in the clan warehouse. However, private warehouse storage is possible. An item that has had its augmentation removed can be transferred normally.

Weapons with special abilities can also be augmented. It is also possible to add a special ability or to enchant augmented items.

Even if you remove a weapon’s augmentation, the special ability or enchant status will not change.

When a bonus is added while augmenting with a Life Stone that is above mid-grade, the weapon will glow.

An augmented weapon cannot be used for crafting dual swords.

An augmented weapon cannot be used to trade with the Blacksmith of Mammon.

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Elemental Attribute System

Elemental Attribute Types and Relations

There are four types of elemental attributes and two types of holy-unholy attributes. Each attribute has an opposite, as follows:

  • Fire Attribute <--> Water Attribute
  • Earth Attribute <--> Wind Attribute
  • Darkness Attribute <--> Divinity Attribute

Attack damage depends on the difference between the value of the attacker’s attribute and that of the defender’s attribute

Bestowing an Attribute

Attributes can be bestowed to items that are S-Grade or higher. This excludes shields, shirts and accessories.

In order to bestow an attribute to a weapon or piece of armor, an attribute item is required. Players can acquire attribute items in new high-level hunting areas (Isle of Prayer and Hellbound).

Attribute stones can increase the given elemental attribute up to level 3. An item may have only one attribute type added to it at a time, but each armor piece can have different attributes applied to them. An attribute is applied by double-clicking the item from your inventory. A player’s attribute values are shown in Character Status Window (Alt+T).

An attribute on a weapon increases the attack power of that attribute. An attribute on armor increases the defense power of the opposite attribute. For example, a water-attribute stone increases armor's fire resistance.

atttribute-weapon-000.jpgattribute-armor.jpg  attribute-master-yin-001.jpg

When bestowing attributes to items, there is a chance to fail; however, the failure will not crystallize items or reset the previous attribute value.

Players may trade an attribute stone for an opposite-attribute stone at an Attribute Master NPC. But please note that only stones can be exchanged. Crystals, jewels and energies cannot be exchanged.

In order to add a different attribute to an attribute-enhanced item, the Attribute Master NPC in Aden or Rune must cancel the original attribute first (there is a fee associated with this). Once the original attribute has been removed from an item, a new attribute may be applied.

For weapons, only two attribute powers can be stacked--the weapon's attribute power and a buff's attribute power. If a weapon's attribute type and a buff's attribute type are the same, the weapon will gain a stronger attack power for that attribute type. If the weapon's attribute type and buff's attribute type are different, only the weapon's attribute will be applied. For armor, all defense-related attribute buffs will be applied to that of armor.

Attribute Potions


An attribute potion can be purchased from an Attribute Master NPC in Aden or Rune Castle Town. There are six types of potions that correspond to the six different types of elements. Each potion increases the given elements defense power by 30 for a duration of 10 minutes. Like any other consumable item, Attribute Potions are used by double-clicking the item from your inventory.

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