What is Vitality?

In Lineage II, as long as you have Vitality you can get XP and SP from killing monsters.  Vitality does not affect XP earned from quests. If you have no Vitality points at all you suffer from a XP and SP penalty.

Vitality is unique to each character and their class mode. For example, your character has one Vitality points pool on their main class, but they have a separate one for their Dual Class and each of their Subclasses. This same character/class-specific system applies to Vitality items. Vitality also stacks with other XP-related items such as XP/SP Runes and other boost consumables.

How to Gain Vitality

Vitality is restored once per week at 6:30 a.m. (server time) every Wednesday (coinciding with, but separate from, the regular weekly server maintenance). Vitality is consumed over time as the character earns XP from killing monsters.

Vitality can also be restored by using Vitality Items. 

Vitality Items In-Game

Vitality items can be found in-game as herbs during server events, from treasure chests, or dropped from monsters. You can also purchase Vitality items to use when you wish from the L2 Store in-game.

Types of Vitality Items

Vitality Replenishing

These replenish a fixed amount of Vitality. The amount replenished depends on the item used.

  • Vitality Replenishing Scroll: Replenishes one quarter (1/4) of full Vitality.
  • Vitality Replenishing High-Grade Scroll: Replenishes half (1/2) of full Vitality.
  • Vitality Replenishing Top-Grade Scroll: Fully replenishes Vitality.

Vitality Recovering

These items recover Vitality as XP is earned by killing monsters. The amount recovered is the same amount that would be consumed without the Vitality Recovering effect.

  • Vitality Recovering Herb: Recovers Vitality while hunting monsters for 5 or 10 minutes. The amount of time depends on where the herb is found; during events or from monsters. This item is only seen as a drop on the ground, and collecting it will consume the herb and activate the effect immediately.
  • Vitality Recovering Potion: Recovers Vitality while hunting monsters for 30 minutes.
  • Birthday Potion: Recovers Vitality while hunting monsters for 4 hours. This item can sometimes be found in the L2 Store, but you can also get it on your character's annual birthday (creation date anniversary) in-game.

Vitality Maintaining

This item maintains Vitality at its current level for as long as the maintaining effect is active.

  • Vitality Maintaining Potion: Maintains Vitality while hunting monsters for 1 hour.

Vitality Suspending

This item suspends Vitality for as long as the suspending effect is active. While Vitality is suspended, players do not earn any bonus from Vitality, and Vitality is not consumed when hunting monsters. This item is especially useful if you decide to save your Vitality points for later instead of using them now.

  • Vitality Suspending Potion: Suspends Vitality for 30 minutes.

How to Use Vitality Items

To use a Vitality item, right-click on the item in your character’s inventory. Depending on the item used you will see a system message telling how many more Vitality items can be used this week.

Most Vitality items also have a cooldown timer which is usually 60 minutes or 30 minutes long, but this can vary depending on the item.