Dimensional Merchant NPC

Dimensional-Merchant.png A Dimensional Merchant is an NPC that allows you to retrieve and manage dimensional items, among other functions. By speaking to a Dimensional Merchant in-game you can:

This page guides you through the steps for each of these functions. If you have questions, be sure to check the FAQ at the bottom of the page.


Retrieving Dimensional Items

Dimensional Items are sent to you from two out-of-game sources:

1. Claimed from the Path to Awakening
As your character evolves during game play you can claim rewards for each waypoint you reach in the Path to Awakening. The items you claim are delivered directly to the Dimensional Merchant NPC of the server your character is on. You can do this while your character is logged into the game; there is no need to log out to claim the items and receive the delivery.

2. Purchased from the L2 Galleria
When making a purchase with NCoin for an item from the L2 Galleria, you are prompted to choose what server the item will go to. Upon completion of the purchase, the item is delivered to the Dimensional Merchant NPC on the server you selected.

Anytime you have a dimensional item available to claim on your server, all of your characters on that server will see a flashing gift-box icon when they log into the game. Clicking on the icon opens a window that informs you that you have items waiting to be claimed at the Dimensional Merchant. Items received from either of the above two methods can be claimed from the same function through the Dimensional Merchant:DimMerch-retrieve.png

  1. In-game, bring your character to a Dimensional Merchant NPC in any major town.
  2. Speak to him and click Retrieve Dimensional Items.
    1. If there are no dimensional items available, you will see a system message saying so.
  3. If there are dimensional items for you or any of your characters on the same account on this server, they will be displayed in a list in a new window.
  4. Click on the item you wish to retrieve and click Receive.
  5. The item is immediately transferred to your character’s inventory.

Important: Some items are delivered in “packs,” and you must double-click on the pack in order to receive the actual item. Many packs are dimensional (can be transferred to other characters on the same account and same server) but often the item(s) inside the pack cannot be transferred. If the item was purchased from the L2 Galleria, a details page for the item on the website will usually be able to tell you if the item inside is dimensional or not. Bear this in mind when deciding what character to play when opening the pack.

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Transferring Dimensional Items to or from another Character

An item that is “dimensional” can be transferred via the Dimensional Merchant to another character on the same server and same game account.

Transferring to another CharacterDimMerch-choose.png

  1. Speak to the Dimensional Merchant NPC in any major town.
  2. Click Transfer a Dimensional Item to another character on this account.
  3. Click OK on the confirmation window that appears.
  4. Use the drop-down menu to select the character that you wish to send the dimensional item(s) to.
  5. DimMerch-send.png

    In the new window that opens, move the items you want to transfer from the Inventory window to the Sending List window.
    • You can transfer multiple items at once, but please note that it costs 1,000 Adena to transfer one item. Stacked items, such as a stack of one kind of soulshots, count as one item.
  6. When ready to transfer the items, click OK.
    • The window will close with no confirmation prompt or system message, but your items will have been transferred successfully. You can verify this manually by checking your inventory and seeing that the transferred items are gone.


DimMerch-receive.pngReceiving from another Character

  1. Speak to the Dimensional Merchant NPC in any major town.
  2. Click Withdraw a transferred Dimensional Item.
  3. In the new window that opens, move the items from the Stored Items window to the Items to Retrieve window. There is no fee to claim items.
  4. Click OK. The items are now in your inventory.


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Exchanging a Minion Coupon

Minions are temporary pets that can be summoned to fight alongside your character and provide buffs and combat skills. A Minion Coupon or a Rose Spirit Coupon can be purchased from the L2 Store.

  1. Speak to the Dimensional Merchant NPC in any major town.
  2. Click Exchange a Minion Coupon for a Minion pet.
  3. In the next window, select the option according to what type of coupon you purchased: Minion, Superior Minion, or Rose Spirit.
  4. In the following window continue to narrow down your selection for the type of Minion you want in exchange for your coupon.
  5. The next window will be a confirmation prompt that displays which pet you’ve chosen. Click Exchange to complete the transaction.
  6. Your chosen pet item is now in your inventory.

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Seal or Unseal a Power Shirt

A Power Shirt is a promotional item that is occasionally available in the L2 Store or L2 Galleria. Although it is a non-tradable item, the Dimensional Merchant allows a one-time transfer of the item to another character on the same server and account. It does this by making the Power Shirt "sealed" into a conditional dimensional item. After the item is transferred to another character, the item must be "unsealed" in order to be equipped. Once unsealed the item cannot be transferred again.

To Transfer a Power Shirt to Another Character

Sending Character:

  1. Speak to the Dimensional Merchant NPC in any major town.
  2. Click Ask about the Power Shirt.
  3. With the Power Shirt in your inventory, click on Seal/Unseal Power Shirt.
  4. Your Power Shirt is now a Sealed Power Shirt, which cannot be equipped, but that is dimensional.
  5. Transfer the Sealed Power Shirt through the regular Dimensional Merchant transfer function (see directions at the top of the page).

Receiving Character:

  1. Have the destination character retrieve the Sealed Power Shirt from the Dimensional Merchant.
  2. Click Ask about the Power Shirt.
  3. With the Sealed Power Shirt in your inventory, click on Seal/Unseal Power Shirt.
  4. Your Sealed Power Shirt is now an Exchanged Power Shirt, which can be equipped but that can no longer use the Seal/Unseal Power Shirt function.

This functionality only works with Power Shirts, despite that there are some similar items in the game. For example, this functionality does not apply to Elemental Shirts.

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Q: Will my dimensional item be deleted if I don’t claim it right away?

A: No, dimensional items stay on the Dimensional Merchant forever until claimed.

Q: I’m trying to claim a dimensional item from the NPC but it won’t let me. What’s wrong?

A; It’s likely that you do not have enough inventory space. You character’s inventory weight needs to be less than 80% in order to claim items from the Dimensional Merchant. Your inventory weight is displayed at the bottom right of your inventory window. To make room, put items into your private warehouse, or sell items you don’t need.

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