Clans Overview

A clan is a group of players who decide to maintain a long-standing partnership in which they become friends and help each other out in-game. Many valuable friendships in real-life first start out in an in-game clan. With a clan, numerous features in Lineage II become more accessible, including Castle Sieges and Clan Halls.

A clan is made up of a clan leader, commonly known as a Lord, and a number of clan members. New clans may accept up to 10 members. As the clan reaches new levels, it can have up to 220 members. Also, as a clan rises in level it can learn clan skills, powerful abilities which affect the entire clan at the same time.


Clan Interface

Information about the clan can be acquired through the Clan Interface (Alt+N). When a player is in a clan, this window displays the clan name, clan leader name, clan level, controlled castles or clan halls, and a list of clan members. The list of clan members shows all members by name, level, class, and online/offline status. Clan leaders and members can also perform specific clan-related actions through this interface.


Member Info - Several functions are available from the Member Info window. This window can also be opened by double-clicking a member's name in the clan list.

Invite - Invite a clan member to party.

Change Title - Add or change the custom clan title above the selected clan member's overhead name.

Change Rank – Bestow a clan member with the desired clan rank.

Dismiss – Removes the selected player from the clan.

Apprentice/Sponsor - Displays the name of the person sponsoring a Clan Academy member, or the name of the Clan Academy member being sponsored.

Select - Choose a selected Clan Academy member to sponsor.

Dismiss - Removes sponsorship from the Clan Academy member displayed.

Privileges - The Privileges button displays clan-related privileges currently held.

Community - This button opens the Community window for the clan.

Clan Info - The Clan Info button opens a window which displays the structure of the clan and its sub-units. Clan skills which the clan has learned will also be displayed in this window. Clan Reputation Points and Clan Ranking are displayed at the top of the Clan Info window.

Penalty - The Penalty button displays clan and alliance penalty information with the expiration date for each.

Leave - This button withdraws you from the clan. Clan leaders cannot use the Leave button.

War Info - The War Info button opens a window with more information about clan wars the clan is engaged in. Specific functions related to clan wars are also available in this window.

Declare War - This option engages the clan at war against another clan. Only clans level 3 and above with at least 15 members can declare war on another clan.

Request Info - Opens a window that lets you view and manage the current Clan Requests.

Invite - Invites the targeted player to the clan. The player must be online to receive the invitation to join the clan.

Edit Auth. - The Edit Authorizations window allows the clan leader to set clan-specific privileges and abilities for selected clan members. The leader can set system, clan hall, and castle privileges. Clan leaders need to pay careful attention when bestowing these rights to their clan members, in particular with privileges related to clan reputation points, clan member joining/withdrawal, and castle and manor rights. The clan leader can assign rights related to clan halls and castles even when the clan doesn’t own one at the time.

Edit Crest - Allows a clan member with appropriate privileges to change the clan crest and clan insignia for clans level 3 and above. The crest must be 16x12 pixels and saved in a 256 color BMP file format.  The clan insignia serves as a customized symbol for the clan shield when the clan has possession of a castle or clan hall. The insignia can be registered as a 64x64 pixel 256 color BMP file.