Clan Wars

Only the leader of a clan above level 5 with at least 15 members can declare war or be under war declaration.

Declaring War and Accepting War Declarations

A declaration of war can be directed at a clan above level 5 with at least 15 members. When a one-on-one clan war begins while a clan has 15 or more members, if players leave the clan, and it is reduced to less than 15 members, the opposing clan can still declare a mutual war.

Clan wars cannot be declared against an ally, and the alliance must be severed in order to wage war. Also, a clan which has declared war, or is subject to a declaration of war, cannot enter into an alliance with a clan with which they are at war.

A single clan can declare war on up to 30 other clans at the same time. As before, there no limit on how many declarations a single clan can receive. Even if a clan is engaged in a clan war, it can declare war on another clan and expand the scope of the war.

Clan war declarations and retractions privileges can be given to clan members.

Declaring war can be done by using the /DeclareWar [Clan Name] command, or by using the Declare War option in the Clan window.

After a clan declares war, if the declared-upon clan accepts the war by declaring back, or if 5 members of the declaring clan are killed by the declared-upon clan, the clan war begins. The clan that had war declared upon it can keep track of their PK count, and the amount of time remaining on a declaration invitation, in the War Info tab of the clan window.

A war declaration can be canceled by the declaring clan at the cost of 5,000 Clan Points, but it may also time-out if the declaration does not receive a response after 1 week.

Current clan war information can be checked by using the following commands. War information can also be checked in the Clan Action window.

  • /declaredlist: Displays a list of all clans with which your clan has declared war, but a declaration of war has not been returned.
  • /declaredonlist: Displays a list of opposing clans which have declared war on your clan, and a declaration of war has not been returned.
  • /clanwarlist: Displays a list of opposing clans and non-opposing  forces which have mutually declared war on one another.

Waging a Clan War

Clan wars can be declared with or without the consent of the opposing clan. Upon declaration of war, a system message will be displayed to the opponent.

Members of a clan which has received a declaration of war can view the name of the opposing clan in the /attackerlist.

A member of the clan that declared the clan war loses 100% XP if he or she is killed by an opposing clan member. Members of both clans lose 100% XP if killed during a mutually declared war.

When a chaotic character is killed by a Blood Declaration clan member, Rep. will be increased.
  • If it was a joint declaration or the chaotic character made a one-sided declaration, Rep. will not increase upon death.
  • Example of an attacker chaotic character's Rep. change: Upon death Rep. -1000
Attacker Relation Chaotic Character Reputation Change Reputation at Death
No Relation Reputation. Increase -280
Declaration Reputation Increase -280
Blood Declaration No change in reputation -1000
Joint Declaration No change in reputation -1000

During the three-day preparation period, regular PvP rules apply and Reputation is affected. During a mutually declared clan war, killing a non-retaliating character who is not Chaotic has no effect on Reputation or PK count. However, PvP count increases. Even during a clan war, attacking an opposing clan member requires a forced attack, which turns the attacker's name purple.

In the Clan Action window, under the War Information option, your clan’s current war situation is displayed as Dominating, Superior, Evenly Matched, Inferior, or Overwhelmed.

During a castle siege event, castle siege rules overrule clan war rules.

Discerning Friend from Foe

Members of a clan that has had war declared upon it now see an identifying clan war mark on the members of the declaring clan.

Ending a Clan War

A clan war ends if the declaration is not answered within 1 week or if the declaration is withdrawn. The outcome of a clan war is determined by comparing the kill-counts and death-counts of clan members from both sides.

After a clan war ends, neither clan can declare war on the other for one week.

A clan can declare defeat to the opposing clan one week after the clan war starts. Declaring defeat can be done by using the /DeclareDefeat [Clan Name] command, or by using the Declare Defeat option in the Clan Action window. When a clan declares defeat, the clan war ends and is recorded as a win for the opposing clan.

A clan cannot declare war on a clan to which it has declared defeat within the last three weeks (21 days), and likewise, war cannot be declared upon it by the opposing clan.