Seed of Hellfire


Recommended Level

Zone Type


Party Hunting Area,
Quest Zone

Shilen, the Goddess of Destruction, is expanding her influence in the Gracia continent by empowering the Seeds that dot the eroded landscape. At her command, Tauti led his followers, the Zahaks, Kundas, and Zofans, to this place. Now, the fourth Seed in Gracia has been discovered and the most courageous adventurous are dared to challenge its dangers. Although Tauti is carrying out Shilen's command he does not hide the fact that he is also seeking to increase his own power.

The Seed of Hellfire is a place of machines and industry. It can be reached by taking an Airship from Keucereus Alliance Base. The Seed comprises of four floors. As one ascends through the zone the aesthetics and the quality of the machines improve, but there is evidence that civil war is brewing between the peons and the soldiers…

1st Floor – Sewers:

The first floor is home to the Zofans, who are the industrial worker minions of Tauti. They live in the waste and garbage dumped by the upper floors of the Seed of Hellfire. The floor consists of three rooms with a river of sewage running through the central room . The entrance is at the southern end of this floor. Some quest NPCs such as Fergason and Sizrak and a transportation assistant NPC are stationed here. Quest NPC Aku is at the southern end of the floor. The next floor up can be reached up a short ramp from the side rooms, or through the drain mount of the central room.


2nd Floor – Factory District:

The second floor is thick with fire, smoke and machines as the Zofans and Kundas work hard to make weapons for Tauti’s military force. High walls divide the area into three rooms, similar to the first floor. This floor of the Seed of Hellfire is also a Quest Zone, meaning a zone event with special rewards will trigger when you enter this floor as a party of players.

The first and second floors are the only ones accessible without special requirements. The third and fourth floors of the Seed of Hellfire are reserved for the Tauti raids.


3rd Floor – Training Grounds:

The third floor is home to Tauti’s military force, where they rest, train, and worship Tauti. Kundas train in the front area and, up a staircase further down, Zahaks worship Tauti in a temple at the back, which is also where access to the fourth floor can be found. The Kunda area is littered with weapon and armor depositories, which raid the physical attack and physical defense powers of nearby Kundas respectively. A great wall is decorated with a mural depicting Tauti’s axe in midst flames of industry.

4th Floor – Tauti’s Temple:

The top floor of the Seed of Hellfire is dedicated to Tauti. In the center of this polygon-shaped room the Tauti Axe floats in the air. It is here that the bravest adventurers can prepare for and challenge Tauti to a raid battle.

The first and second floors of the Seed of Hellfire are open to hunting by player parties. Monsters re-spawn, so battle here can go on as long as one has the will to fight.

The zone’s progress flow involves two stages and one can build up to the Tauti battle or epic battle by increasing their number of kills. Upon killing 200 monsters in Stage 1 of either battle preparation, players enter Stage 2. In this stage, players find a Transportation Assistant NPC on the first floor. Speaking to the NPC will transport players to the third floor. After being in Stage 2 for 24 hours, the zone instance reverts to Stage 1 status.