Changes to Quests

The following quests and quest-related systems have changed.

  • Help the Sister! - The monsters to be hunted have changed.
  • Temple Champion - 1 - The monsters to be hunted have changed.
  • Adept of Taste - The process of acquiring Mandragoras has changed.
  • Little Wing - Some of the monsters to be hunted have changed.
  • How to Oppose Evil - Special products and reward items have been added to the Seed of Hellfire region.
  • Fate's Whisper - The following quest monsters can now be defeated without the help of a party.
    • Messenger Cabrio
    • Longhorn Golkonda
    • Death Lord Hallate
    • Kernon
  • If you undertake the Supplier of Reagents quest while the Mimir's Elixir quest is also active in your quest log, the chance of acquiring the following item ingredients is now higher.
    • Moonstone Shard
    • Quicksilver
    • Volcanic Ash
  • The rewards of the following quests have been changed.
    • Olympiad Starter
    • Olympiad Undefeated
    • Not Strong Enough Alone
    • Completely Lost
    • Nightmare of Dwarves
    • Monstrosity in the Underground Mine, Teredor
    • Precious Research Material
    • Preserved Ancient Heroes
    • Be Lost in the Mysterious Scent
    • Suspicious Gardener
    • Breaking through the Emerald Square
    • Challenge, Steam Corridor
    • In the Coral Garden
    • Break through the Sailren

The goal value of the Purify the Dwarf's Soul campaign has decreased.

When undertaking the following repeatable quests, the chance of acquiring quest items has changed to differ according to the difference in level between the quest monster and the character.

  • The One Who Ends Silence
  • Threat Removal
  • Gather the Flames
  • Matras' Suspicious Request
  • Figuring It Out
  • Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe
  • Attack Sailren

The level requirements for the following quests in the Seed of Annihilation have increased to level 85:

  • To the Seed of Annihilation
  • Finding the Lost Soldiers
  • Not Strong Enough Alone
  • Completely Lost