PvP Changes

Territory War Removal

The Territory War system has been removed from the game. As of June 13, 2012, Territory Wars no longer occur and it is no longer possible to obtain Territory Badges of any kind. Most of the items sold by a Territory Manager are now obtainable from the Mysterious Butler through the Ceremony of Chaos system
Existing Territory Badges will remain in the game and can be used in the following manner:

  • The Aden Reconstruction NPC will exchange Territory Badges for Hero’s Treasure Boxes.
  • The News Informer NPC will be in-game for one month after the update launches, until July 11, to exchange Territory Badges for all previous Territory War items and territory-specific items.

The News Informer also serves to help characters complete any unfinished Territory War-related quests before his departure on July 11, 2012.

The ability to obtain Noblesse status by exchanging 100 Territory War badges, or through the old Noblesse quest is no longer available even through the News Informer. There is, however, a new quest that awards Noblesse status.


Olympiad Changes

The Olympiad Manager NPC’s sales list has been updated as follows:

  • Removed: S- through R95-Grade weapons and armor.
  • Added: R99-Grade weapons and armor, and Giant’s Codexes.

Olympiad Manager sales prices have changed.

The Hero’s Cloak and Cloak of Honor now increase M. Def., all stats, and resistance to all attributes, in addition to increasing HP and CP.

The Warrior’s Temporary Healing Potion no longer recovers a certain amount of Max CON; it now recovers up to 5,000 HP, and any leftover recovery points go to CP.


Bug Fixes

After conquering the barracks of a Fortress, the problem of the conquer status not appearing correctly on the mini-map has been corrected.‏

Mentor and Mentee-exchanged enchant skills are now cancelled properly upon entering an Olympiad match.