Tauti Items

A Tauti weapon can be crafted from a Tauti’s Fragments, which is obtained after defeating Tauti in extreme mode raid battle, as well as other ingredients such as 17,952 Crystals R-Grade and 1,496 Gemstones R-Grade. Take the ingredients to Maestro Ishuma at the Gludio Airship Field.

Tauti’s One-handed Axe

Tauti’s Axe

Tauti’s Dual Axe




Tauti items also include boss jewels. The Tauti Bracelet can be obtained by completing the quest that involves defeating Tauti in a normal raid battle.

TautiBracelet.jpg Tauti Bracelet: Activates 5 talisman slots when equipped and increases MP by 216. Tradable.


The Tauti Bracelet can be exchanged along with a Bottle of Tauti’s Soul (from the extreme mode raid battle) for a Refined Tauti Bracelet.

TautiBracelet-Refined.jpg Refined Tauti Bracelet: Activates 5 talisman slots when equipped. Increases MP by 216, and STR and INT by 1. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or sold.