Crafting Changes

Changes to Crafting

The required amount of ingredient items needed to craft an R-Grade Unidentified item has increased.

Standard and Blessed items above level 95 can now be crafted with new recipes that require Weapon Piece, Armor Piece, and Accessory Gem items respectively, as well as other ingredients.

R-Grade and higher Dualswords and Dual Daggers now require fewer crafting ingredients.

Weapons’ Special Abilities can now be upgraded with fewer R-Grade Gemstones.

We changed the icon border color to easily differentiate between basic weapon items and attribute ore fragment items.

Bug Fixes

The problem of the same accessory appearing more than once on the Aden Reconstruction Society Member's hair accessory exchange list has been corrected. Enchanted hair accessories now maintain their existing enchantment when being upgraded further through the Aden Reconstruction Society Member NPC. The enchant effects of hair accessories now all display properly.

P. Atk. now displays correctly on the Specter Thrower Damage Up + Focus item description.

The Bound Sword of Valhalla’s attack motion now appears correctly.

The Blacksmith of Mammon can now use an Unbind Scroll on a Bound Apocalypse Avenger – Haste with no issues.

Orichalcum Arrows now cost more Adena than their lower-grade Mithril Arrow counterpart.

The number of R-Grade crystals consumed when crafting Elixir of CP (R-Grade) now displays correctly.

The following R-Grade robe-type armor set effects now display the correct magic critical rate stat boost in the item description:

  • Twilight Robe Set
  • Seraph Robe Set
  • Eternal Robe Set

The effects of CP Potions no longer delay when used.

The Seraph heavy-type armor set now applies the Reduced Critical Damage Received effect correctly.

Monsters in the level 80 Rim Kamaloka instance dungeons now drop event items as intended.

The Sacredium weapon’s animation now displays correctly even if equipped with a shield or sigil.

The Mysterious Scroll - Drum Melody item name and skill name now match.

Shoulder armor now displays correctly in the mini-preview screen of the inventory window when using the Lower Detail graphics option.

We fixed the issue in which the enchant stats would not be maintained when creating a belt out of the Low-level Magic Rune Clip - R-Grade, which you can earn through a quest.

Auction House

Dark Legion’s Edge – Thunder is now listed in the correct category, two-handed swords.

The Beetle Hat can now be registered with no issues.

D-Grade through S-Grade Soulshot recipes are now listed in the correct category of Supplies instead of Miscellaneous.

An issue where R-Grade weapon special abilities would be incorrectly displayed when trading Diplomas for R-Grade weapons at the Mentor Guide has been corrected.

An issue where the Unidentified Elven Long Sword obtained after using a Weapon Seal Scroll – D-Grade could not be traded has been corrected.

The issue of P. Def. not increasing when a head accessory is enchanted is fixed.

The problem of a head being abnormally displayed when wearing the "ack O'Lantern Mask is fixed.

The amount of crafting materials needed to craft Unidentified Immortal Leather Armor and Unidentified Immortal Leather Leggings is now correct.

The graphical issue of the Shilen Wand mace item not appearing correctly is fixed.

Bound Seraph Shoes can now only be unbound using a R95-Grade Unbind Scroll as originally designed.

We fixed the issue in which you couldn’t enter the hair accessory item earned through Pablo’s Box into the auction house. The items that were fixed are as follows:

  • Stag Beetle Hat
  • Ladybug Hat
  • Praying Mantis Hat
  • Grasshopper Hat
  • Gold-rimmed glasses
  • Warrior’s Helmet