Attribute Changes

If your defense attribute is higher than your attack attribute, the amount of damage you receive is decreased. Damage that raises attack attribute value can be increased.

When non-attribute skills are used, the attack attribute bonus that can be checked on the character information screen is applied. When a skill attribute and an item attribute are the same and are both applied, their affect value is combined.

The monster attribute value has been changed according to the attribute bonus change. Attribute values of previous level 95 monsters have been decreased. The XP and SP that can be acquired from monsters now depend on the transformed attribute value.

R-Grade or higher Life Stones can now be imbued with a new augment option that uses B-Grade gemstones are consumed.

The following top-level item skills have been added to existing augment options:

  • Charm
  • Peace
  • Guidance
  • Agility
  • Iron Body
  • Winter
  • Aggression Up
  • Aggression Down
  • Aggression
  • Hold
  • Mana Gain
  • Slow
  • Bleed
  • Shield
  • Empower
  • Spell Clarity
  • Might
  • Magic Barrier
  • Poison