Interface & System

Interface Changes

The number of remaining Vitality items that you can use per week now displays when mousing over your character’s Vitality in the Character Selection screen.

When registering a new Macro, a new icon selection display window and more icon options are provided.

NPC and character on-screen dialogue boxes, and private shop and private workshop signs can now be turned off from view through the Game tab of the Options window of the System Menu. Their visual style and font size has also changed for easier reading.

NPC dialogue can also be filtered out of the chat window, through the Chat Options function of the chat window.

On NCsoft West servers, the in-game support petition client is disabled until further notice. To contact the support team, please use the website support form:



Vitality Changes

Fewer Vitality points are now consumed when hunting solo or in a 2- to 6-character party.

On NCsoft West servers, the weekly Vitality item limit usable per game account has increased from 7 items to 20 items.


New Emotes

Two new emotes have been added to the game: Provoke, and Propose. Animations differ per character race and gender.


Bug Fixes

The Quest Zone or Campaign window no longer disappears from the interface when a cutscene plays. The Quest Zone icon now properly appears in the dialogue window as well.

In the One Who Seeks the Power of the Seal quest of the Seven Signs quest series, the cutscene afterimage no longer remains if the cutscene is forcefully skipped.

The problem of non-existent NPC at the entrance of Talking Island Village appearing on the radar has been fixed.

The problem of the displayed UI window automatically closing when using the /instantzone command has been corrected.

After deleting and adding a subclass, the problem of the Eva’s Saint class being displayed as Eva’s Templar has been corrected.

Mentoring System:

  • The problem of the mentoring guide not having a creature detail feature in its target window setup has been corrected.
  • The problem of searching for a character name exceeding 12 English characters in the Mentee search window not being normally carried out is fixed.
  • When a mentor dies, the mentee can no longer use the Summon Mentor skill.