Hunting Zones

Hunting Zone Changes

The number of Kartia’s Guards in the altar room of Kartia’s Labyrinth has been decreased.

The HP of the boss in solo-type Kartia’s Labyrinth has been increased.

The interior of the Cruma Tower is now a viewable region on the map.

The critical rate of monsters’ magic skills has been drastically decreased.

The Prison Gate Key acquired during the raid boss fights with Balok or Baylor in the Crystal Caverns is now directly inserted into the character’s inventory and expires after one hour.

The normal version of the Octavis raid fight is now 2 hours.

The Merchant of Mammon now changes location every 30 minutes instead of every 4 hours.

Zelaka, the boss monster of Kartia’s Labyrinth level 85 instance, will no longer use the Zelaka’s Warcry skill when its HP drops below 10%.

We changed the Istina boss battle in the Seed of Annihilation as follows:

  • Characters can now die from Acid Eruption.
  • Now you can only undo the Yoke Status used by Sealing Energy the NPC by using the Energy Control Device.

Only characters over lv85 can now enter the Seed of Annihilation through Klemis the NPC at the pier.

We changed the minimum number of party members for alliance-type instance dungeon to 14 for normal, and 21 for extreme mode. The instance dungeons with the changes are as follows:

  • Normal mode
    • Seed of Annihilation
    • Last Imperial Tomb
    • Ice Queen’s Castle
    • Balok boss battle
    • Istina’s Habitat
    • Octavis boss battle
  • Extreme mode
    • Ice Queen’s Castle
    • Istina’s Habitat
    • Octavis boss battle

The monsters in the following hunting grounds now have higher HP and give more XP when killed:

  • Altar of Evil
  • Bloody Swampland
  • Fairy Settlement
  • Forbidden Gateway

When equipment with bestowed attributes is equipped, the attribute value given to monsters is lower than before to provide smoother hunting.

The Seed of Annihilation: Battle in the Nursery instanced dungeon now lasts 25 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Also, after the instance battle times out, you can speak to the NPC to acquire XP equivalent to the amount of residue collected.

The reward for the Balthus Knights - Antharas Expedition Campaign has increased: in addition to an Expedition Volunteer Reward Chest, you also get an Expedition Volunteer’s Crystal Pouch.


Bug Fixes

Kartia’s Labyrinth:

  • We fixed the issue in which the stage wouldn’t change even if all monsters were killed in the altar room.
  • We fixed the issue in which the boss monster’s petrified state would come undone before the seventh stage.
  • We fixed the issue in which buffs would not work on ally NPCs in the solo-type instance.
  • The problem of the Dimensional Poison Zone skill effect not being cancelled even after hunting the Kartia Dimensional Watcher on the 1st floor has been fixed.
  • The problem of the door to the boss room not opening in the level 95 version of the instance Kartia’s Labyrinth even when the Kartia Dimensional Watcher arrives at the entrance has been corrected.
  • We fixed the issue in which sometimes, in the lv95 solo-type Kartia’s Labyrinth tunnel chamber, the Kartia’s Dimensional Watchman would move closer to the boss chamber entrance when reduced in HP and would not disappear.
  • We fixed the issue in which an ally NPC could be attacked by a servitor in the solo-type Kartia’s Labyrinth.


  • We fixed the issue in which the transparent state of the Enraged Master Kinen, who occasionally spawns in the fourth stage of the Fortuna instance dungeon, would not come undone.
  • We also fixed the error in which the Enraged Master Kinen does not appear sometimes after the death of its double.
  • The problem of screen playing not being ended even after entering inside the instance dungeon when entering Fortuna has been fixed.


  • We fixed the issue in which the pathway to the Stone Coffin room wouldn’t open even if you killed Beleth, the Hellbound Raid boss.
  • We fixed the issue in which the Teleport Cube would sometimes not disappear after time has elapsed after killing Epidos in Hellbound’s Steel Citadel.
  • We fixed the issue in which we could use an abnormal method of going through the Core Naia battle area entrance.

We fixed the issue in which the dead body of a servitor summoned in an instance dungeon would not disappear.

We fixed the issue in which the Vampire Queen of the Tower of Insolence didn’t respond correctly to attacks.

We fixed the issue in which you turn into a Cursed Transformed Object when subject to the Orbis’ Curse skill while in the Blood Sword Akamanah transformation state.

We fixed the issue in which a raid boss’ magic would be sealed through a knight class’ Justice Punishment skill.

The phenomenon of Balok not using any skills when it is attacked with servitors has been corrected.

The problem of the NPC Hermuncus incorrectly stating in its dialogue window that the Seed of Annihilation is a level 88 hunting ground has been corrected.

The problem of the raid boss Baylor in the Crystal Caverns occasionally moving inside the Secret Gate has been corrected.

The problem of the number of remaining sacrifices in the UI not being displayed correctly upon entering the Altar of Shilen instant dungeon has been corrected.

The region where character moving is not permitted within the Bloody Swampland topography has been corrected.

We fixed the issue in which Istina, in abnormal form, would attack characters sometimes in the bonus phase.

We fixed the issue in which the Balok, the raid boss of the Crystal Caverns, would not respond properly when attacked with a servitor.

The problem of lower XP being acquired than before when hunting monsters in some hunting grounds that are below level 85 has been corrected.