Guillotine Fortress


Recommended Level

Zone Type


Party Hunting Area

Previously known as the Execution Grounds, the Guillotine Fortress has evolved into an outdoor party hunting area for characters level 95 to 97. The rain of Shilen’s blood on the land caused much damage in the nearby town of Dion. While rebuilding, it was foolishly decided to dump all the trash on the Execution Grounds, which were already bathed in plague and blood rain. The added evils infected the buried souls and forced them to rise again and haunt the area. Ominous high walls line the area, fortifying it from outsiders, and containing the evil within.

Awakened adventurers can reach the Guillotine Fortress by using Sayune jumping from the towns of Dion or Giran and using the north, east, and west open entrances to the area. Sayune jump point and drop-off locations exist within Guillotine Fortress as well, bringing adventurers to the various terraces, features, and even the raid boss location.

Monsters in the Guillotine Fortress protect themselves with the graphically-visible Chaos Shield aura, which boosts their physical and magical defense. The skill can be canceled by dropping the monster’s HP to below a certain level, or by weakening it with the Armor Destruction skill of a Tyrr Warrior in a party. The weakened Chaos Shield also makes the monster more vulnerable to half-kill attacks. If a half-kill attack is successful, or a certain amount of damage is inflicted on the weakened monster, Chaos Shield is canceled and the monster is stunned.

But beware: when a monster is half dead and has no Chaos Shield, it will attack more aggressive or desperately try to get its shield skill back up.

While hunting in a party in Guillotine Fortress, the Proof of Survival item drops at a low rate. This is a non-tradable time-limited item that lasts 10 minutes. Its existence in your inventory increases the chance of spawning an event monster with each regular monster defeated. The odds of spawning increase according the amount of Proofs of Survival in one’s possession. He sometimes drops rewards such as Adena or crafting ingredients, and he may spawn subordinates or even return from death!

Certain unique monsters spawn only at night: Alluring Irene, Pafuron, and Krutati.

The Guillotine Fortress is home to multiple raid monsters that can be defeated by a single party:

  • Crook the Mad: he spawns roughly once per day and fights melee by summoning subordinates and using knock-down skills.
  • Warden Overseer Houpon: he spawns roughly once per day and fights at range with arrows, magic, poison, and escape.

The Watchmen of the Eye of Infinity, called Isaads, guard the western entrance. They are passive but will attack you if provoke, so proceed with caution. The same goes for Fortress Scout Gazem, near the northern entrance.


Guillotine of Death Raid BossGuillotine.jpg

In his human life he was the head executioner during the Peasant Riots but he had no qualms about killing the innocent. Eventually, he was killed for his actions and buried here, where he haunted the grounds for what seemed an eternity. Recently, the blood rain drove him mad with the power of Shilen and he now wanders aimlessly, butchering all who cross him until his goddess is resurrected in the material world.

The former raid boss from the Execution Grounds era has returned empowered. The battle to defeat him occurs in three stages. At night, the Execution Grounds Watchman appears. If his HP is reduced to 1, he transforms into stage 2 and appears as the Guillotine of Death, a powerful human warrior with a skull head. He is a more formidable foe now, and he fights with a spear and dark magic, and summons a subordinate as his HP declines. When the stage 2 monster is reduced to 1 HP, he respawns in his third and final form, as the Guillotine of Death on horseback. He summons multiple subordinates and fights with a spear and dark magic. Upon defeating him, adventurers can loot his rewards.