With the removal of Territory Wars, the requirement of owning a territory in order to achieve clan level 11 has changed. Now, to achieve clan level 11, the clan leader must own a Radiant Cloak of Light along with the other requirements. The cloak does not have to be equipped and the clan does not need to own a Castle of Light at that time.


Clan Skills

The amount of boost in M. Atk. and M. Def. in the Clan Advent skill has changed from 2% to 1%. When upgrading this skill, the effect increase applies to all levels.

When a clan owns a Fortress, the clan leader can learn the following passive clan skills from the Support Unit Captain NPC. The clan leader can learn these skills specifically for certain ranks of clan members; the price is charged each time a new ranking is taught the skills.

Skill Name


Requirements for Learning

Fire Squad

Increases corresponding troops’ P. Atk. by 17.3.

12,000 Fame Point
8 Blood Oaths

Water Squad

Increases corresponding troops’ P. Def. by 27.3.

10,400 Fame Point
8 Blood Oaths

Wind Squad

Increases corresponding troops’ Accuracy by 2.

12,000 Fame Point
8 Blood Oaths

Earth Squad

Increases corresponding troops’ M. Def. by 17.

12,000 Fame Point
8 Blood Oaths

Holy Squad

Increases corresponding troops’ heal power by 20.

10,400 Fame Point
8 Blood Oaths

Dark Squad

Increases corresponding troops’ M. Atk. by 7.17.

12,000 Fame Point
8 Blood Oaths


Clan Insignia

The Clan Insignia is now known as the Clan Mark. The image size and file type has changed from a 64x64 256-color BMP file to a 256x256 24-bit or 32-bit TGA file. A Clan Insignia can be changed no more often than once every 15 minutes. A Clan Insignia is the square image that appears on a Clan Shield, Clan Flag, or Clan Tombstone.

All Clan Insignias must be registered in the new size and file type; all previously registered Clan Insignias of the old type will be removed from the game when the Goddess of Destruction: Tauti update launches on June 13, 2012.


Clan Flag

A Clan Flag can be erected during siege battles or raids to represent the clan and to strategically boost the clan’s morale, battles, and activities by way of useful buffs.

The skill to summon a Clan Flag can be learned by purchasing the Spellbook – Clan Flag item for 1,000 Clan Reputation Points from the resident Clan Merchant NPC. The skill is listed in the Clan Skills section and can only be used by a clan member of Marquis rank or higher. Every time a Clan Flag is summoned, 100 Clan Reputation Points are consumed. A Clan Flag remains summoned for 30 minutes, with a 30 minute skill reuse delay, but the buff effect lasts 10 minutes only.

The Clan Flag applies a buff to that increases damage inflicted and decreases damage received by nearby clan members. A Clan Flag also creates an icon over enemy clan members’ head, which server to give visual indication of the Clan Flag’s range of effect for strategic purposes. If multiple Clan Flags are summoned, the effect of only one applies.

A Clan Flag cannot be summoned in the following locations: Olympiad arenas, Ceremony of Chaos arenas, Airship, Boat.


Clan Pets

Clan pets have been added to the game to provide a new way for clans to obtain Clan Reputation Points, now that the Territory War system has been removed.

A clan pet can be purchased from the Mysterious Butler NPC with 8 Mysterious Marks which are obtained from the Ceremony of Chaos competitions. There are two kinds of clan pets: the nurture type, and the combat type.

Nurture-type Clan Pet

A nurture-type clan pet summoning scroll summons a Raccoon, White Cat, or Desert Fox clan pet at random. Although name and appearance differs, the effect of each of the three pets is the same.

Once the clan pet summoning item is obtained, the pet can be summoned like a regular pet: it will be the constant companion of the summoner character, it will fight for them with basic combat skills, it can be given a personalized name, and it has a pet inventory.

Once the pet has been summoned for a total of 72 hours (does not have to be continuous) the pet disappears and 100 Clan Reputation Points are awarded, and there is also a possibility of a Mysterious Pouch being given as an additional reward. A Mysterious Pouch has a chance of yielding an attribute crystal.

The clan pet is suited for a clan level 5 or higher. If a clan pet is summoned and the clan reverts to level 4 or below, or the summoning clan member withdraws from the clan, only the Mysterious Pouch is awarded.

Combat-type Clan Pet

A Bratty Angma Summoning Scroll can be purchased by a clan member from the Mysterious Butler for 12 Mysterious Marks or 12 Castle Siege Soldier Badges. This clan pet summoning scroll does not summon a companion pet, but rather a creature that you must defeat in order to redeem a reward.

If you defeat the Angma within 30 seconds of summoning it, you are awarded 100 Fame Points, your clan is awarded 30 Clan Reputation Points, and there is also a possibility of receiving a Mysterious Pouch as an additional reward. It is difficult to defeat the Angma within 30 seconds alone, however; clan members are encouraged to take on the creature as a group.

There are four different kinds of Bratty Angma Summoning Scroll, pertaining to level ranges between 76 and 99. The summoning scroll is tradable.


Bug Fixes

When Clan Reputation is above 0, clan skills are now reset correctly.

Ornaments in auctionable Clan Halls no longer appear as black sprites in Rune Township.