There are various rewards from the Ceremony of Chaos.



All winners, and characters winning a draw, receive powerful buffs:

  • Doubtful Herb of Power: Increases P. Atk. by 100% for 5 minutes.
  • Doubtful Herb of Magic: Increases M. Atk. by 400% for 5 minutes.
  • Doubtful Herb of Vitality: For 5 minutes, Vitality is replenished when XP is acquired through hunting.

Losing characters receive the Doubtful Herb of Power and Doubtful Herb of Magic buffs as well.



Match Winner

After a winner is announced in either battle version, 1 to 5 Mysterious Boxes appear at random in the arena. Only the Match Winner character can open these boxes to claim the rewards inside. Contents include:

  • Guaranteed reward: 2 to 4 Mysterious Marks
  • Possible additional reward of one of the following at random:
    • High-level Stone of Life R95-Grade
    • Top-grade Stone of Life R95-Grade                         
    • High-level Stone of Life R99-Grade                         
    • Top-grade Stone of Life R99-Grade                         
    • Yellow Soul Crystal Fragment R99-Grade                                              
    • Teal Soul Crystal Fragment R99-Grade                   
    • Purple Soul Crystal Fragment R99-Grade                                              
    • Yellow Soul Crystal Fragment R95-Grade                              
    • Teal Soul Crystal Fragment R95-Grade                   
    • Purple Soul Crystal Fragment R95-Grade                              
    • Mysterious Belt 3-day Limited Period    

True Hero

The character obtains the most Mysterious Marks that month is declared as a True Hero when the monthly cycle ends. The declaration is made as a server-wide announcement in the chat window. Spending Mysterious Marks for items before the month is over does not affect the count of how many one obtains. There can only be one True Hero character per server per month: if the highest count of Mysterious Marks obtain is tied between two or more characters, no True Hero winner is declared. The number of Mysterious Marks you collect during a Ceremony of Chaos cycle can be checked by using the /ceremonyofchaos command in the chat window. A character that has True Hero status can obtain exclusive buffs and items from the Mysterious Butler NPC:

  • Ruler’s Authority belt R-Grade: Increases Max HP, MP, and CP by 500, weight penalty maximum value by 12,000, HP recovery rate by 10.12, MP recovery rate by 3.89, P. Atk., M. Atk., P. Def., and M. Def. by 6%, reflected damage resistance by 5, inventory slots by 36, and resistance to all attributes by 10. Can be exchanged.
  • Mysterious Belt 3-Day Limited Period: Increases Max HP, MP, and CP by 500, HP recovery rate by 7.1, MP recovery rate by 2.74, PvP damage by 5%, and reflected damage resistance by 5, and decreases PvP damage received by 6%. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or sold.
  • 5,000 Clan Reputation Points
  • 5,000 Fame Points (individual for the character)

Best Clan

The clan of the True Hero character receives a special buff from the Mysterious Butler NPC:

  • Ruler’s Blessing: Sleep, Bleed, Shock, Poison and Hold attack bonus increases by 30% for 30 minutes.

Ruler’s Consideration

The character that accumulates the most PKs in the match but does not win receives this prize. When opened this item may give one or more Improved Stones of Life R95- or R99-Grade, or possibly a Soul Crystal Fragments. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or sold.

Consolation Prize

Even the losers win something! If you are defeated during the match, you receive 2 Mysterious Marks as a participation reward once the match ends. Be sure to stay until the match ends, however; if you leave prematurely you will not receive the reward.