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The Ceremony of Chaos runs on a monthly cycle, similar to the Olympiad. It begins at midnight (server time) on the first day of the calendar month, and ends on the last day (no matter if it be the 30th, 31st, or in February). Matches occur every 20 minutes for 5 hours every day, from 7:00 p.m. to midnight (server time). At this rate, a character can participate in up to 15 matches per day.

The 20-minute long match process follows this schedule:

  • 0 minutes, Match period begins: an invitation is sent out to every eligible character and appears on their interface and in their chat window.
  • 0-5 minutes, Registration Period: eligible players have 5 minutes to sign up. Registration can be canceled with no penalty during this time. Cancellation of any kind after this results in a penalty (see below).
  • 5-10 minutes, Entrance Waiting List: after the sign-up period ends, registered characters are notified that they will be moved to the arena after 5 minutes. A 2-minute warning will appear to notify you that you will be moved to the arena in 2 minutes.
  • 10-11 minutes, Entrance and Preparation: you are moved to a random Ceremony of Chaos arena and have 60 seconds to prepare for battle. During this time, they are invisible to the enemy.
  • 11-17 minutes, Battle: battle lasts for 6 minutes
  • 17 minutes and 30 seconds, Exit: the character is removed from the arena 30 seconds after the match ends.

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Eligibility and Registration

To be eligible to fight in the Ceremony of Chaos, a character must meet the following requirements:

  • Belong to a clan that is level 3 or higher.
  • Be level 76 or higher and have completed your third class transfer.
    • Dual Class and Subclass characters can participate if they meet the above requirements.

At the beginning of a match period, all eligible characters in the game world see an invitation message appear in the chat window, and also as a blinking icon the radar map (similar to where the campaign icon appears). If a character is ineligible at first but reaches eligibility status within the first 40 minutes of a match period, they will receive the invitation message at that time.

To participate, the character must click on the invitation message, and click Challenge in the pop-up window that appears. Next, the registration interface appears and a character can manage their registration status (sign up, cancel). The sign-up period lasts 5 minutes, after which time the invitation message ceases to appear. If you are not sign-up, the interface and icon will also disappear. If you are signed up but then log out of the game, your registration will be canceled.

Once registered for a match, you must wait until the registration period closes, and then you will be moved to an arena 2 minutes later.

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Cancellation Penalty

A cancellation penalty is applied to prevent abuse and spam in the Ceremony of Chaos waiting list system. A cancellation penalty is applied if any of the following happens:

  • The character cancels their match registration over 7 minutes into the Registration Period.
  • The character logs out or is disconnected from the game, canceling their registration status and removing them from the waiting list.
  • The character cannot be moved into the arena when the match begins. Conditions that prevent a character from moving into the arena include:
    • Is dead
    • Is inside an instanced dungeon
    • Has over 80% weight and volume in their inventory
    • Leaves the clan
    • Changes to a class that is below level 76 and has not passed their third class transfer
    • Is Chaotic
    • Possesses a Cursed Sword
    • Is offline (by choice, or by disconnect)
  • The character presses Quit before the match is over, or forcefully leaves the match by any means before the match is over.

If a character accumulates 30 cancellation penalties by any means they cannot participate in the Ceremony of Chaos for that month and will not receive invitations to the matches. The penalty count is reset at the beginning of the next Ceremony of Chaos cycle.

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Battle Process

The Ceremony of Chaos matches are organized and created partly by formula and partly at random. There are two different kinds of battle: PvP against other characters or PvE against five NPC monsters. A single match can contain anywhere from 1 to 18 characters. You are placed in a match type and group number at random.

Upon arrival, a character has 60 seconds to prepare for battle, during which time they can also read the pop-up guide about the Ceremony of Chaos. The countdown timer is displayed. After the 60 seconds end, all participating characters become visible and the battle can begin.

When entering an arena, a character’s skill enchantment and transformation status (unless it’s a flying transformation) remains. Servitors and cubic summons remain, but pets are unsummoned. The character’s HP, MP, and CP are fully recovered. Skill reuse timers for all skills that have less than 15 minutes of cooldown time are reset. If a registered character is in a party, they will be removed from the party went they are sent to the arena.

Herb Boxes may drop at random in the arena during either type of battle. When attacked, it drops an HP Recovery Herb that recovers 5,000 HP. If there is extra recovered HP left over after a character’s HP is fully restored by this herb, the remaining amount recovers CP. The Herb Box may also drop a Power Herb that increases P. Atk. by 100% and M. Atk. by 400% for 30 seconds.

Inside a Ceremony of Chaos arena, the following restrictions apply:

  • All functions that aid in the identity recognition of another character are made neutral or hidden:
    • Names of and references to other characters in an arena are all changed to Challenger with a number suffix—for example, Challenger 3—and all characters are flagged as enemies for PvP combat.
    • The character’s name color also appears neutral.
    • All opposing characters’ clan and alliance information is hidden, and their ranking level is changed to Vagabond.
  • Characters that are in the same clan cannot cast beneficial ranged spells, like Tree of Life or Iss Enchanter Melodies, on each other.
  • Chatting, private shop, workshop, friend invites, and other interactive actions are unavailable.
  • Character return and summon skills are not available.
  • Consumable scrolls and potions can be used.
  • XP is not lost upon death.
  • A character can receive two items either from monsters in the Ceremony of Chaos, or by exchange Mysterious Marks to the Mysterious Butler NPC. These items can only be used while in a Ceremony of Chaos battle.

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Determining Winners and Losers

If entering an arena alone in PvP version, you are immediately declared a winner.

If entering the PvE version, you win after defeating five NPC monsters. If you are killed by the monsters, or do not attack the monsters until the match ends, you lose the match.

If two or more characters enter an arena (no matter which version), the last character alive, or the one that scores the most kills over 6 minutes is declared the winner. If killed by a NPC or another character, you lose the match. If two or more characters survive the match but none are singled out as an obvious winner, a tie is declared.

If killed, you cannot be resurrected: you can watch the rest of the match as a viewer until the match is over and you are moved out of the arena at the end of the match.

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