Aden and Rune Castles

The status of Aden castle and Rune castle decree whether or not certain clan-competition Campaigns can be taken on.

  • If Aden or Rune castle is a Castle of Light or is Neutral, no reset Campaign can be obtained, and these castles can safely remain as a Castle of Light for two weeks until the next scheduled siege period.
  • If Aden or Rune castle is a Castle of Darkness, a special Campaign can be accepted which challenges that clan’s ownership of the castle. The Campaign invitation is presented only to eligible characters: characters level 40 or higher that do not own a Castle of Darkness. The campaign involves an attack upon the targeted Castle of Darkness, and the clan owning that castle must defend it. If the defense of the castle fails (and the invading force is successful) the Castle of Darkness will be forcefully reset to Neutral status, thus kicking out the resident clan.

The Campaign to reset Aden castle to Neutral becomes available at 6pm (server time) on the Sunday following that server’s last castle siege, and the Rune castle campaign becomes available at 7pm on the same day.

Sayune jump points have been added to the Rune and Aden castles.