Castle Siege Changes

As Shilen’s power grows, the resistance of adventurers rises. The forces of malice and good, death and life, dark and light, now manifest in places of social power. The nine castles of the world can now be aligned as light or dark at the discretion of the victorious castle lord. The castles of Aden and Rune have become especially powerful.

Siege Time Changes | Castle Alignment | Siege Process


Siege Time Changes

Castle Sieges continue to occur every other Sunday, but now all castles are in siege status simultaneously, beginning at 8:00 p.m. (server time). Castle Siege registration period, start and end times are announced server-wide when they begin and end.

Upon winning a castle from a siege, the Castle Lord no longer sets the next Castle Siege time: the next siege time is automatically set to 8:00 p.m. (server time) two weeks later.

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Castles of Light, Dark, or Neutral Status

Upon a victory, the castle lord of the winning clan can set their newly won castle to be a Castle of Light or a Castle of Darkness. Each alignment has advantages and disadvantages that promote further competition between siege times. A castle can also be Neutral status, meaning it is occupied by NPCs instead of a player clan.

Upon the launch of Goddess of Destruction: Tauti on June 13, 2012, all castles will be set to Light alignment.


Benefits of Castle Status

Alignment Benefits

Castle of Light

Castle of Darkness

Castle Appearance

The castle gleams in shining white light.

The castle is shrouded in darkness beneath swirling storm clouds and a vortex of evil.

Village NPCs

The Proclaimer of Light NPC appears in the Castle of Light’s town and gives a beneficial buff to any character that does not belong to a Castle of Darkness: Blessing of Light: Boosts acquired XP from hunting by 3% for 60 minutes. Can be overwritten by requesting a new one at any time.

A Revolutionary NPC appears outside the Castle of Darkness during siege times, allowing clan members level 40+ that own a Castle of Light to purchase a special siege weapon to use against the Castle of Darkness. When the weapon is equipped, a skill that can only be used on the siege battlefield is added.

Alignment-specific Perk

Castles of Light can take on the Retrieve the Stolen Taxes campaigns that can reset the Rune and Aden castles to Neutral if they are Castles of Darkness, and kick out its owning clan.

Clan members that own a Castle of Darkness can be PKed without penalty to the killer, and the killer even receives increased PvP value.

Cloak for clan members, obtained from the Court Magician: All stats +2. Damage received during PVP decreases by 10%. Can use castle escape skills. All attributes +10. Can be equipped by clan members of Marquis or higher ranking.

Cloak of Light


Cloak of Darkness


Special Cloak for the Lord of the Castle, obtained from the Castle Chamberlain: All stats +3. Damage received during PVP decreases by 15%. Can use castle escape skills. All attributes +15.

Radiant Cloak of Light


Cold Cloak of Darkness


PvP Boost Skill: Passive clan skill that increases Max CP by 3,000, and normal and skill attack damage during PvP by 10%. Applies to respective clan members of Marquis rank or high. Does not apply to a Chaotic character.

Ability of Light

Ability of Darkness

NPC Sales Tax Rate



NPC Purchase Tax Rate

(cannot be set)


About Cloaks

A clan castle cloak has not grade but it has the same equipment requirements as other cloaks in the game that are not class-specific: full armor set of Dynasty grade or higher. It can be equipped by clan members of Marquis rank or higher.

A clan castle cloak can only be equipped when the clan owns a castle of the respective alignment. When the alignment changes or the clan ceases to own the castle, the cloak is automatically unequipped from the character but remains in the character’s inventory.

Cloaks of Light cannot be equipped by Chaotic characters.

A Radiant Cloak of Light is now required in order for a clan to reach level 11.

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Siege Process


It remains that a clan must be level 5 or higher to register for and participate in a Castle Siege. Once the registration period is announced the clan leader can register the clan for siege participation by speaking to the Messenger NPC. Once registered, the clan leader can view the Castle Siege Information interface in the Clan window. Clan registration in a siege can only be canceled by the clan leader and must be done by speaking with the Messenger NPC before the Registration Period closes. The Registration Period closes 24 hours before the Castle Siege begins.

Castle Siege Procedure

If a player character is registered to attack or defend a castle, they no longer lose XP if they die during siege battle.

Once a Castle Siege begins, the inside and surrounding areas of castle are designated as a battleground. Each player character can find out whether he or she can enter the battleground through a system message.

A Castle Siege lasts 2 hours.

After a Castle Siege has begun, and after a clan’s intermediate victory over a castle, all characters on that territory excluding ones registered to defend a castle are moved to headquarters or to the nearest first village.

If a clan leader successfully casts the 3-minute long Seal of the Ruler skill upon the castle’s artifact (or final artifact, if there are multiple), the clan leader gains ownership of the castle. It is possible for another clan to contest the claim and cast the skill over the artifact again to transfer ownership to their clan instead. However, if the Imprint of Light or Imprint of Darkness skill is used, the castle’s ownership cannot change for 5 minutes, even if Seal of the Ruler is used.

Two hours after the Castle Siege begins, the siege ends and whoever the last owner of the castle is becomes the winner of that castle from that siege.

Making a Castle Light or Dark

At clan level 5, the clan leader learns the Imprint of Light and Imprint of Darkness skills. After a clan has captured a castle, they can use the Imprint of Light or Imprint of Darkness skill to set the castle to Light or Darkness status. The alignment can be changed one more time if desired: after the end of a siege, a Chamberlain NPC of the opposing alignment is present for one hour only. He offers the choice to change the castle's alignment. The alignment may be changed through the Chamberlain NPC only once. After the hour is up, or after the clan leader chooses to change the alignment through the NPC, the opposing-alignment Chamberlain NPC leaves and the castle's alignment status can no longer be changed by the owning clan.

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