Changes to Skills

Skills in Parties

The Force skill of the Awakened classes has been changed to an aura-type skill that affects not only the player character, but also all party members. As such, the following skills are renamed and their skill effects have changed:

Old Name

New Name

Old Skill Effect

New Skill Effect

Sigel Force

Sigel Aura

Increases P. Atk. by 6% of party members who are equipped with a melee weapon, excluding Sigel Knights.

Increases party members' P. Atk. by 1%.

Tyrr Force

Tyrr Aura

Increases P. Critical Rate by 5% of party members excluding Tyrr Warriors.

Increases party members' P. Critical Rate by 1%.

Othell Force

Othell Aura

Increases Atk. Spd.  by 5% for party members who have equipped a melee weapon, excluding Othell Rogues.

Increases party members' Atk. Spd. by 1%.

Yul Force

Yul Aura

Increases Casting Spd. by 3% and MP recovery bonus by 50% of party members, excluding Yul Archers.

Increases party members' MP Recovery Bonus by 50%.

Feoh Force

Feoh Aura

Increases Casting Spd. by 2% and additionally increases Atk. Spd. by 5% for party members who have equipped a bow/crossbow, excluding Feoh Wizards.

Increases party members' Casting Spd. by 1%.

Wynn Force

Wynn Aura

Decreases Physical and magic skill MP consumption by 3% and re-use time by 5% of party members, excluding Wynn Summoners.

Decreases party members' MP consumption for physical and magical skills by 3%.

Aeore Force

Aeore Aura

Increases M. Atk. by 6% and additionally increases P. Atk. by 6% for party members who have equipped a bow/crossbow, excluding Aeore Healers.

Increases party members' M. Atk. by 1%.

When both the skills Sigel Aura and Aeore Aura and two or more other unique Auras are active simultaneously in a party, the Party Solidarity skill is applied to all party members. For example, if Sigel Aura, Aeore Aura, and two Othell Auras are active, Party Solidarity does not trigger because the two Othell Auras are the same. If a fifth and different Aura is added to the party, Party Solidarity would trigger.

Party Solidarity: Increases party members’ P. Atk. by 1%, M. Atk. by 1%, P.Critical Rate by 1%, Atk. Spd. by 1%, and Casting Spd. by 1%. Decreases physical and magic skill re-use time by 1%. Always requires Sigel and Aeore Force. When 4 or more party Aura skills are applied, the Party Solidarity effect is activated. The more party Aura skills in use, the more effective becomes Party Solidarity.


Forgotten Scrolls and Ancient Books

Forgotten Scroll and Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration items are no longer required in order to learn associated skills. Characters can now learn these skills from the Learn Skill tab in the Skill window, where the appropriate amount of SP is consumed upon learning the skill. SP is no longer consumed if a character learns a skill from a Forgotten Scroll or Ancient Book item.



Cubic Skills

The effects of the Cubic Weakness and Cubic Hex skills have changed:


Old Effects

New Effects

Cubic Weakness

P. Def. is temporarily decreased. Effect 3.

P. Atk. is temporarily decreased. Effect 3.

Cubic Hex

P. Atk. is temporarily decreased. Effect 3.

P. Def. is temporarily decreased. Effect 3.


Class-Specific Skills


Aeore Healer

  • Fairy of Life: The Aeore Healer’s Fairy of Life skill can now only be used on one’s self and on party members.
  • Rebirth: The amount of CP recovered from using the Rebirth skill has increased.
  • Saha Skills: The skill cooldown time for the following Saha skills has changed.
    • Power of Saha
    • Critical of Saha
    • Force of Saha
    • Speed of Saha
    • Resistance of Saha
    • Clarity of Saha

Iss Enchanter

  • Devil’s Movement: The skill no longer decreases the party members’ Spd.

Sigel Knight

  • Spike Shield: This skill effect no longer stacks with the Iss Enchanter’s Daring Sonata skill effect.
  • Chain Strike and Chain Hydra: When a Sigel Knight use the skill to draw a monster’s aggro away from another character, the monster now switches its target accordingly every time.
  • Shield Impact, Shield Wave, Gust Blade, and Chain Galaxy: The aggro power of these skills has increased.

Tyrr Warrior

  • Last Attack: Tyrr Warriors can now acquire a new skill, Last Attack, at level 90.
    • Last Attack: Inflicts the final blow on a monster with decreased stamina to bring it just to the point of death. Upon success, the monster’s HP falls to 1. The skill effect does not apply during PvP. Can be used when the monster’s HP falls below 20%. Requires an equipped sword, blunt, spear, fist, dual blunt, or dual sword weapon.
  • Rolling Thunder: Notice about continuous MP consumption when in use has been added to the skill description.


  • Gate Chant: The Gate Chant skill can no longer summon a dead party member. Also, when Gate Chant is cast on a party member, the party member now receives a pop-up notification window in which they must click Accept in order to be summoned.


  • Soul Instinct: Judicators can now acquire a new skill Soul Instinct at level 83 when being played as a Dual Class.
    • Soul Instinct: For 15 seconds, awakens party members' destructive instincts to increase P. Atk., M. Atk., P. Critical Rate., and M. Critical Rate by 50%, and Atk. Spd. and Casting Spd. by 20%.


Bug Fixes

  • The Day of Doom skill now properly applies when inside the Zaken raid instanced dungeon.
  • When a Soul Hound Awakens as a Feoh Wizard, the Check Mate skill is removed when the Elemental Destruction skill is learned.
  • The description of the Refreshing Sonata skill now displays accurate information.
  • When a Human Warrior uses the Poison Blade Dance skill, the casting animation now displays properly.
  • When a clan owns a castle or fortress and attempts to acquire low-rank unit skills, the information on bases now correctly displays in the Clan Action user interface.
  • Iss Enchanter melody buffs now correctly display when the caster is mounted on a pet.
  • Iss Enchanter Harmony skills no longer stack with Rhythm of Magic, Rhythm of Start, or Rhythm of Critical.
  • The Feoh Wizard’s Devil’s Sway skill description now includes detailed information about which abnormal status duration can be reset.
  • Kamaels can no longer make a dual class of the same class as their main class.
  • The Devil’s Movement (Iss Enchanter) skill no longer cancels when a beneficial non-attack skill is used.
  • The Magical Charge skill can now be enchanted properly.
  • The issue of the skill description not updating after enchanting Prevailing Sonata (Iss Enchanter) with a time enchantment has been fixed.
  • The Weapon Maintenance skill effect now applies correctly when equipped with a dual blunt weapon.
  • The Bear Claw skill of the Wynn Summoner’s Armored Bear can now attack hostile characters (with purple or red names, or flagged for clan war) without having to force-attack, and the skill can no longer be used on non-hostile characters without force-attack.
  • The Yul Archer Quick Charge skill now moves the character forward instead of in other possible directions.
  • When an Othell Rogue cancels the Fake Death skill and stands back up they can now be targeted.
  • The Othell Rogue’s Poison Zone skill duration now matches the skill description.
  • Pets’ and servitors’ maximum Atk. Spd. and Casting Spd. can no longer exceed their respective intended caps.
  • A pet and a servitor summoned simultaneously by the same character can no longer attack each other.
  • The following pre-Awakening skills no longer stack with their Awakening class equivalent:
    • Appetite for Destruction
    • Vampiric Impulse
    • Protection Instinct
    • Magic Impulse
    • Soul Harmony
  • During castle siege defense, the Aeore Healer servitors Unison of Lights and Tree of Life can no longer be attacked by NPC guards that are also of the castle defense faction.
  • The skill description for the Feoh Wizard Elemental Crash skill now displays the information about the Double Casting bonus effect.
  • Raid curse can no longer be avoided by having the Iss Enchanter Healing Melody effect applied. The Tyrr Warrior’s Berserker Rage skill cooldown now correctly displays in the shortcut bar.
  • Song and Dance skills can now be used when equipped with dual blunt type weapons.
  • Buff skills with the same effect no longer stack.